Comedian Anne Kansime’s Former Manager in U.K Jail

By Frank Mulo

Uganda’s top Comedian Anne Kansime’s former manager is cooling inside a cole UK jail

Mr. Johnson Mujungu has been sentenced to two years in jail in the United Kingdom (UK) for illegally channeling £120,000 (Shs565m) to an account belonging to his wife.

 Mujungu and his wife Ntolera, both residents of Struttons Avenue deliberately hijacked an email from solicitor to a one Lee Finch, telling him he needed to pay inheritance tax linked to his late grandmother’s estate.

Kansime and her friends posing with an award they won last year

Mujungu and wife changed the account details in the email, replacing it with their own and causing Finch to deposit the money on their account.

They went withdraw the money where their luck ran short when Finch was sent another email from the solicitor reminding him to pay the inheritance tax. A confused Finch sought clarification, only to be told he deposited money to a scammer.

He sought help from his bank but was told there was not going to be any reimbursements, forcing him to pay the inheritance tax over again.

Finch dragged the matter to court where the transaction was traced to Mujungu and his wife.

In court, Mujungu and wife denied charges of money laundering, insisting that thy thought the money had been deposited on their account for ‘other work.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Mark Newman of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: ‘This fraud was particularly cruel because the victim had recently lost a family member and he then had to pay the inheritance tax twice.”

“This couple used the money to pay off debts and pretended that it was a payment for a business transaction. I am pleased we have been able to track where the money went and bring those involved to justice.”

Newman said that police will now be carrying out further inquiries under the Proceeds of Crime act to see if any money can be returned, adding that “I hope this outcome gives some consolation to the victim.’

The two have both been convicted, Mujungu has been sentenced to two years in jail while his wife to an 18 month suspended jail sentence.

Mujungu’s wife survived longer jail term because she is taking care of a minor (a 10-year-old child). She was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work for the community.

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