COVID-19: Ariana Grande donates to her fans

Las Vegas – Ariana Grande, American celebrity, followed the lead of the likes of Rihanna and coughed up millions towards fans who were out of jobs and had no source of income, Frank Mulu reports.

According to TMZ, the 7 Rings-hitmaker has been picking calls from her loyal fans and personally sending cash to them whenever they ask for help. Ariana was touched when a couple of fans told her they were penniless thanks to the pandemic and had lost their businesses in the whole confusion.

Some said they could not pay their electricity and water bills and this touched her heart.

Ariana sent them some money via cash transfer app Venmo after noticing the number of struggling people was growing by the day.

The best thing about the gorgeous superstar’s acts is she has never gone public about her donations and has kept her acts of kindness secret.

Her fans chose to praise her and open up about how her help aided them during this difficult time. Ariana has always been passionate about her fans and her kindness has been spoken about far and wide.

The soft-spoken, doll-faced beauty always believes she is on a mission on this earth and always empathises with the troubles her supporters go through.

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