Dr. MONICA MUSENERO: Let’s beat COVID-19 together

Friends, we read about it from afar. The start of COVID-19 in other countries. We commented. Speculated. Criticized. We prayed. Prophesied. We wished it away.

But now the reality of COVID is here. It is with us. CoVID-19 cases are rising. Here in Uganda. It is our challenge. Our responsibility. Together as Ugandans. How we come out is highly dependent on what we do. How we cooperate. All of us. Not just health workers. Not government.

In fact, your own outcome – whether you get the disease or not. Is 95% dependent on you? Those who have it, they have breached all the barriers of self-defence and now their lives are dependent on the health system and God.

But you, who is lucky not to be infected, you still have your destiny in your hands. Those of us responding cannot help but put our lives in the line of fire and dodge the bullets there. But my dear have a choice. Take personal responsibility to avoid contracting this virus.

Your most important role is to ensure you do not collide with the germ (virus). Don’t meet Mr. Corona. If you do the following,

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng checks the thermal scanner. (PHOTO: FIle)
  1. Stay at home. No visiting. No visitors.
  2. Wash hands religiously with soap and water
  3. Follow any instructions given to us by government
  4. Don’t listen to rumours and fake promises or denials.

Be responsible.

There are people trying to beat government measures – moving on Boda Bodas and Taxis early morning. Let me tell you, when you get COVID, you spend at least 3 -10 weeks in the hospital. All those things you are fighting for will just vanish…make life a priority. Seek first life, and other things will be added unto you…

Corona works by making many people sick and flooding the health system so that individuals fail to get treatment early. Help us by not joining the queue. #stayhomestaysafe. #LetsbeatCoVIDUganda.

Love you all. We will do our best. It may not be perfect at the beginning, but we shall improve things by the day. Keep sharing the gaps, they help us improve things.

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