I am a God of legs! Meet Joram, CEO of Biggest Modelling Agency in Uganda

Kampala – Joram Muzira Job is a Creative Director and CEO of a famous modelling agency JMM (Joram Model Management).

He is also a celebrated model scout, pageant coach, show director and producer, voice-over artist, TV personality and business entrepreneur.

So RedPepper Digital’s Fab Mc and Sarah Nabakooza got a chance of having a one on one with him and shared so many things.

Below are some of the excerpts from the interview

RP Digital: briefly tell us about yourself

JMJ: I live, breathe, eat making dreams of young girls and boys becoming world-class top models and changing the narrative of modelling and fashion. Am a living example that dreams are valid and that you can do whatever you want if you are passionate and zealous towards your goal.

RP Digital: Are you single
JMJ: am extremely busy with transforming people’s lives and nurturing talents worldwide at a moment so I would say there is no time to date now.
RP Digital: what would attract you to a woman?

JMJ: I love great personalities, smart, intelligent and God-fearing. I also want cocktail babies in future (no racism) but I have always loved cocktail (mixed-race babies)

RP Digital: so when should we expect someone or like a wedding

JMJ: Everyone has a totally different idea and perception of weddings, I don’t believe in them but who knows someone could change it with time.

RP Digital: Which model would you rate best in Uganda so far?

JMJ: I should say am beyond grateful and extremely blessed to be part of the grooming and nurturing world-class models that have changed the narrative right now that am the mother agent to like Aliet Sarah, Ayak Veronica, ketch Joy, Akello Patricia, Adut Mary, Ayen Emily, Angair Biong, Achan Biong, and boys like Paul Mwesige, Arif Sempala who all make me a lot of money and have waved the Ugandan flag super high worldwide

RP Digital: If you were an animal which one would it be?

JMJ: A lion, I am aggressive and I go for what I believe

RP Digital: What is the best attire in your closet?

JMJ: iam super obsessed with promoting home-based products, so every piece I own from them is my favourite currently am obsessed with Kaisdivo collection and Hakeem Lusembo because they get me right

RP Digital: which of your body parts do you consider sexy?

JMJ: I am super obsessed with my brains because everyone says am smart and I totally agree. I think fast and always challenging myself to be better at all tasks that I do. Ohh yes plus my legs, am a God of legs

RP Digital: Talking about legs, do you consider yourself good in bed, would you take a nightstand offer

JMJ: sorry am not sexual, am rather a sapiosexual (I love super intelligent and smart people) one night stands don’t bring food to the table but smart people with great ideas run the world.

RP Digital: People have a perception of modelling being linked to nakedness, what is your say?!

JMJ: Not at all. The industry is art and beyond professional

RP Digital: How do you spend your free time?

JMJ: catching up with international models to make sure they are mentally right and I love Instagram so much, I learn new ideas from the top agencies worldwide. I love to watch inspirational fashion films and series, world-class pageants’ and show, I also love good food so in my free time I spoil myself with good expensive food.

RP Digital; what do you want to be remembered for?

JMJ: As a person who revolutionized and changed the narrative of the business of modelling and fashion in Uganda. I would love my legacy to stay alive having thousands of models from Africa represented worldwide. I want to cement my name on the African continent and the world over as a young Ugandan boy that created a wave and changed the perception of being fashion models as career and business and am glad am already doing that.

RP Digital: Final advice to our readers and other models reading this

JMJ: believe in the power of your dreams and stay focused. Ambition, zeal, determination and persistence is key in this business so never give up, it could take you years but believe me the best things in life take time. Am a living testimony that you can come from nothing and become world celebrated hero or icon.
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