OPINION: In defence of Speaker Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

By Martha Leah Nangalama

Canada – We have spent the last 48hours insulting Hon. Rebecca Kadaga because of the spray which will cure Coronavirus. Time to move on.

I have always been critical of President Yoweri Museveni’s regime. I am on record for also criticizing Speaker Kadaga. However, abusing them will not solve our problems.

CORONAVIRS SPRAY TO CURE COVID-19 announcement was a disaster in PR (Public Relations). Certainly, we cannot make excuses about this one. Had she done research on the scientist who gave his patent to Uganda, she would have found out that the USA (America) where this Doctor Professor resides is currently scrambling to find a cure and vaccine. Consequently, there was no way in hell that an American would give the cure to Uganda, a country with no single case of Coronavirus, for free and that fast.

She should fire her handlers, advisers and her Social Media team. Start with the social media team though. Social Media can ruin lives and expound on things without giving any information really except to just blow things out of proportion.

Kadaga will be remembered for the #AgeLimit and how Museveni’s security goons beat up opposition in parliament. We cannot make up excuses for her about this one. Yet, think about it, did Kadaga really have any say in that whole thing? The #AgeLimit bill was going to go through whether we liked it or not. We were hard on her for this but now, most Ugandans know who yields the power.

A traveller gets screened at an airport recently (PHOTO: Courtesy)

Kadaga has worked very hard for the following things for Ugandans. We must learn to give credit where credit is due.

  • Girl Child
  • People with disability
  • Women empowerment
  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Being the strongest person who can be the Speaker of the August House. You take out Kadaga and you will see that place turn into a mini zoo. She is the strongest to keep our parliament functional and we must remember this. Not too many people challenge Museveni. Yet, Kadaga puts her life online daily, weekly, monthly, yearly….speaking for the rights of Ugandans.
  • UPDF shooting and killing people
  • Gen. Tunwine demanding that Ugandans owe him everything because he went to the bush.
  • Killing, arbitrarily arresting fishermen. Persecution of fishermen and fisherwomen on our lakes.
  • I will add on more. I have to review my notes about her but believe it or not, Kadaga has more positives than negatives.


Uganda is our country and our home. Tarnishing each other, attacking each other, blackmailing each other, trashing each other, abusing each other….all these things do not build our country. Surely, there must be a middle ground. Some kind of compromise.

How shall we find the middle ground and compromise to work together for the good of Uganda when we do not even acknowledge each other’s work. Despite our mistakes. We are human. We are bound to make mistakes.

However, let these mistakes not be used to judge us until you review the good we have also done.

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