MP Lutamaguzi rallies legislators to contribute UGX2M for COVID-19

By Grace Turyatunga

Kampala – Nakaseke South County Member of Parliament, Paulson Kasana Semakula Lutamaguzi, has urged the government and fellow legislators to contribute money to the less privileged people for help during this period.

Hon. Lutamaguzi made the statement Sunday afternoon March 22, during a Talkshow at the Kololo-based NBS Television discussing Ugandan economy amid COVID-19 concerns.

Luttamaguzi has asked honourable Kadaga to subtract two million from his monthly salary till the situation goes back to place.

“I am requesting the speaker of parliament Honourable Kadaga to deduct UGX2million from my monthly to help people,” he said.

He has also asked fellow MPs to do the same and also put more machines used to check for the signs and symptoms of the deadly virus in taxi parks, bus parks to check people because washing hands and using sanitizers is not enough.

“Let me be the first patriot in Uganda to offer my two million to the people,” Hon. Luttamaguzi boasted.

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