Police officer rescue baby from pit latrine

By Zam Quitah

Kiryandongo – I am not a churchgoer, but oftentimes I have heard my Christian friends say that God works in mysterious ways.

Well, that did not ring any bells until this afternoon when we learned about a toddler that was rescued from a 7 feet pit latrine at Bweyale, Kiryandongo District in Northern Uganda.

According to Tumukunde Emmanuel, the Superintendent of police in Bweyale, (that is according to his Facebook profile), the unfortunate but mysteriously lucky baby boy was dumped into the pit by its mother. However, the reasons for her actions are not yet clear.


In a lengthy Facebook post, Tumukunde narrates that the toddler was dumped in a pit full of human waste, stones and bricks but they still wonder how it managed to survive. He goes on to narrate that the police was engaged later that evening and together with the locals they embarked on a mission to rescue the baby.

With little or close to no success everyone seemed to have lost interest in the rescue. Fortunately, just like the believers say, the lord’s mercy was still upon the toddler and at around midnight, after the child spending more than two hours with its face fully buried in human waste, Tumukunde was alerted and he immediately got to the scene clad with only a rope.

No doubt the trained officer tried to rescue the baby by widening the pit’s opening using an axe. Everything became more complex when someone had to dive into the pit to collect the child but shockingly no one was ready to give a hand. (Has humanity become this nonexistent!!!!)

In his Facebook post, the officer narrates that “even after widening, nobody was willing to go down using a rope to rescue the baby. This forced me to hire some boys elsewhere and finally we got the child out”

The toddler was later rushed to Kiryandongo Hospital and it is currently admitted in the Intensive care unit. No information about the mother has been provided yet. Tumukunde urges well-wishers to visit the hospital’s ICU units in case of any intentions to assist the miracle child. We commend the officer’s acts of kindness blended with professionalism and condemn the injustice against toddlers.

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