Four COVID-19 positive truck drivers intercepted in Pakwach

PAKWACH – Pakwach District COVID-19 taskforce intercepted four truck drivers and seven of their contacts from Tanzania.

The district Health Officer, Dr. Ajal discloses to the Red Pepper in a telephone interview on Friday night.

According to Dr. Ajal, the four drivers were tested of COVID-19 at Mutukula border on entry and the results came out when they were already in Pakwach.

He disclosed that four COVID-19 patients were taken to Arua Regional Referral Hospital for case management while the seven people who travelled with them are in quarantine at Pakwach.

‘Four truck drivers enroute to Arua who tested positive were today intercepted in Pakwach town council but have been transferred to Arua referral hospital for further management” the DHO said.

“The four were in the company of 7 other drivers who were negative but because they were in touch for quite some time they are now “suspects” hence quarantined at Pakwach UCC” he added.

Dr. Ajal explained the truck drivers did not move out but got in touch with the community when they went to buy water, fish and other commodities and services.

“The contacts have been quarantined at UCC Pakwach but given the fact that they are 7 poses a high risk and challenges the district task force” he said.

He stresses that despite the fact they have made some progress in putting in place isolation centres, the place still lacks items such as mattresses, bedsheets, masks and gloves.

The district also struggles for food to feed those in quarantine

The locals from Pakwach who came into contact with those in the truck are classified as vulnerable, according to the DHO.

He observes that as these were breadwinners at home, their families are going to remain in dire need.

The DHO calls for the urgent need for food to 15 quarantined people and support to families of the local community members.

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