Kisoro RDC on spot for random clobbering of residents

Kisoro – RDC Capt, Peter Mugisha has clashed with kisoro leaders led by the LC5 Abel Bizimana over the continued mistreatment and beating of people by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces soldiers.

Kisoro Leaders locked horns in a heated Wednesday meeting of the Kisoro district COVID-19 task force meeting held at the district headquarters.

Abel Bizimana the kisoro LC5 boss decried the alleged acts affirming that as the leader of the people of Kisoro he would not sit and watch the army clobber old women, pregnant mothers.

Izidoro Tumusiime, the Nyundo sub-county District councillor, added a voice to matter disclosing case of people being knocked by vehicles and motorcycles while running away will retreating was accepted

James Agaba, the southern division district councillor decried the beatings expressing wonder if the people of kisoro were not Ugandans to be treated gruesomely.

Amos Hakizimana the Kisoro district speaker says that what happened on Tuesday it was like kisoro had turned into a battle ground as the soildiers were over the streets canning anyone they came across not even sparing the pregnant women as well the old women .

Rev.Jonas Niyonzima, the vicar Seseme Cathedral, alleged that he had been flogged by the army as he rode his motorcycle – alone on it, and he called out on the RDC and other security officials to reign on the army to stop beating people.

Captain mugisha castigated the mayor Richard Ndyana who after the district task force committee closing the markets he told the people to use other places in town to sell their products which he says was wrong as a leader to to so.

He says that rusiza and old markets were closed for two weeks after failing to adhere to the presidents directives as the municipal council asked to first put in place what was lacking like building of stalls which should be 4 meters a part provide water for handwashing.

“The markets were closed after the Municipal authorities failed to adhere to the president’s directives for two weeks. Why are the people still coming to town yet there is none. It is unfortunate but the directives are very clear,” said captain Mugisha.

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