Security authorities warn stone-pelting youths blocking enforcement of LOCKDOWN directives

Kisoro – The Uganda Peoples Defence forces in Kisoro district are accusing locals in the district of stoning them while enforcing presidents directives. 

Lt. Col. Nelson Bataringaya, Commander of the 35th battalion in kisoro district revealed that the locals have resorted to stoning their patrol teams, especially in the night hours.

“on Monday last week, a pickup belonging to Kisoro Municipal Council was stoned and its windscreen broken and on Tuesday one of the UPDF soldiers while on patrol was injured on the head and that on Easter,” Lt. Col. Bataringaya.

Lt. Col. Bataringay also revealed that Sunday night April 12, his official command vehicle registration number  DO2DF103 was stoned shuttering the windscreen was broken. 

‘This must stop! if not those nabbed in the act, the outcome will not be pleasant. We can’t be intimidated, we have to implement the president’s directives”.said Lt.Col.Bataringaya cautioned.

Capt. Peter Mugisha, Kisoro RDC, confirmed Lt. Col. Nelson Bataringaya’s deliberation revealing that action shall be taken.

“There have been reports in areas of Russia in Kisoro hill village, kisoro municipality, Nyakabaya trading centre in Gasovu parish Nyarusiza sub- country, Gashenyi trading centre in Gasovu and at Mubuga primary school where some youths started fighting off a police officer after instructing them to cease the match,” Capt. Mugisha said confirming that one of the youths was shot in the leg as the fight ensued,

Captain Mugisha cautioned people to stop as no amount of intimidation is going to bar security authorities from enforcing the president’s directives

Johnson Ahikasheye the Nyakinama sub-county chief says that on Monday, April 13, during an operation over 40 people were rounded up in bars as among them being teachers.

Ahikasheye says that he has now decided to camp in the sub-county as that’s where he is sleeping following the president’s directives that people to sleep at their place of work

I have decided to also to adhere to the president’s directives of sleeping at our places of work ” said Ahikasheye. 

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