We are starving! PWDs cry-out to District taskforce for ignoring them as hunger bites

Kabale – People with Disabilities (PWDs) living at Kikungiri handicapped Center in Kabale Municipality are struggling to survive due to lack of food following the COVID- 19 Lockdown.

Mary Tindibasa says that they have been depending on money got from sales of handcrafts like baskets among others.

We have been selling to tourists and vending others in the town, but since the President imposed a lockdown as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid 19, they no longer get market,” Tindibasa revealed.

She disclosed that she recently called the Resident District Commissioner Darius Nandinda and the District LC5 Chairperson Patrick Besigye Keihwa for food relief but they have given them any feedback to their rescue.

Tindibasa says that they now feed on vegetable greens only because they have finished the little money they had saved to buy food.

Glorious Agaba, added her voice to Tindibasa’s, revealing that she has been making mats and other handcrafts and cant sell anymore

“I have been selling my crafts in Kabale town around supermarkets to mostly tourists but I can longer sell due to the lockdown leaving with nothing to feed my children,” Agaba recounts her ordeal

Faustah Ahimbisibwe says that they are about 50 people including their family members but wonder why district taskforce has not supported that little population with food relief, yet they hear that good Samaritans are donating tonnes of posho to the taskforce.

“it’s unfortunate that the district taskforce is not distributing food relief to them while they are the starving people who need urgent support as of now we are forced to take boiled hot water as a meal”. Ahimbisibwe said.

Anna Kobusingye The Kabale district female councilor said that the PWDs need divine intervention because of the condition they are suffering because she has been asking for their good well fair, in vain.

When contacted on the matter, the Kabale District LC5 Chairperson Patrick Besigye Keihwa said that the PWDs are among the people to be considered in the distribution of food relief.

He added that this will be done after the weekly COVID-19 taskforce meeting that will sit on Thursday this week.

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