100 arrested attempting to sneak into Uganda amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Isingiro district LC5 boss Jeremiah Kamurari

Isingiro – As lockdown in many parts of the country intensifies fight against coronavirus, 100 people have been arrested in Isingiro district for trying cross into Uganda from Tanzania.

The porous routes that are mainly used are the villages of Kakamba, Nyamarungi, Kikagate, Kamwima and Ruborogota.

In March, President Museveni directed the closure of all borders as a measure to control the spread of Covid-19.

According to Isingiro District Resident Commissioner, Herbert Muhangi said that following the closure of the borders, people have opened and used new different routes.

He said that people have turned to use River Kagera to cross into Uganda and the numerous routes stretch to over 50 kilometres.

Muhangi also said that ten boats that have used by the illegal immigrants along River Kagera were destroyed.

One Enock Karabanyi, LCI Chairperson Kakamba cell, said that people have continued to cross too and from Tanzania to attend to their gardens saying that as local leaders they had on several occasions trying to report to high authorities but all in vain.

“People have been crossing too and from Tanzania and we have tried to inform the higher authorities but now police have started to arrest them” said Karabayi.

He said that people are attending their gardens, they cross in the morning and return in the evening.

He wants the government to set up a clinic at the border to aid in testing people who enter the country from Tanzania.

When contacted the Isingiro district boss Jeremiah Kamurari said that they have intensified security along all the border points.

He said that those who have been arrested will be put under strict monitoring pertaining to the current situation of coronavirus in Tanzania.

“As the district task force on coronavirus in Isingiro we will ensure that those who were arrested will be put under strict observation because of the situation in some of our neighbouring countries and Tanzania inclusive,” said Kamurari.

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