BUSHENYI: Minister Magyezi, Town clerk Makune rift deepens

Magyezi and Bushenyi leaders share a pictorial moment after a meeting at Bushenyi Ishaka municipality head office

Bushenyi – The rift between the Minister for Local government Raphael Magyezi and Bushenyi Ishaka municipality town clerk William Makune for failure to implement his directives.

Magyezi while handing over the UGX60m of the three members of parliament from Bushenyi district said it is embarrassing that Makune failed to interdict the three officials of Bushenyi Ishaka municipality.

A furious Magyezi said that the town clerk Makune will be transferred with immediate effect because he disobeyed his orders for kicking out three senior staff from offices .

“The town clerk is weak and can not manege Bushenyi and for that matter is going to be transferred to a new station with immediate effect” said Magyezi.

It all started when Magyezi three months ego chaired crisis meeting held at Bushenyi municipal council hall and ordered for the interdiction of three officers .

The three officers included the municipal treasurer Jackson Muhwezi Beyendeza the municipal Engineer Deus Nuwagaba Beingana and the procurement officer Roberto Nuwagira.

This follows an intensive pressure from Make Bushenyi Greater Again (MBUGA) a pressure accusing the three of swindling millions of shillings meant for different activities in Bushenyi Ishaka municipality.

According to information, the three interdicted officials refused to hand over the office and the town clerk kept deaf ear.

However, minister Magyezi said that these officials and the town clerk might be hiding some information saying that that could be the reason why they don’t want to hand over their respective offices.

“Once you are interdicted and you remain with the office keys it seems there is something behind .what is your interest of keeping office keys when actually you are no longer in that particular office,” asked Magyezi.

However, when contacted the embattled Makune said that some of the officers are in a police cell and it is not true that the officers failed to hand over their respective offices.

He said that Bushenyi Ishaka municipality does not have enough staff and manpower claiming that it was not proper to chase away these officers at once.

It should be noted that the municipal treasurer Jackson Muhwezi Beyendeza was arrested by police last week on cases of swindling funds and up now is still in cells.

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