Kenyan truck driver beats COVID-19, discharged from Kabale Hospital

Daudi Noir Abdu ,a Kenyan truck driver who intercepted at Cyanika border post, shares a pictorial moment with Healthcare personal after being discharged from Kabale Regional Referral hospital

Kabale – A truck driver who tested positive for COVID 19 and has been under treatment at Kabale Regional Referral hospital has finally recovered and has been discharged.

Daudi Noir Abdu, the Kenyan truck driver was last month intercepted at Cyanika border post as he returned from Rwanda and taken to Kabale regional referral hospital after testing positive for the contagious COVID 19.

He was first tested positive on April 19 at Malaba border post (Uganda and Kenya) and was on April 21 intercepted at Cyanika border post in kisoro and admitted at Kabale regional referral hospital.,

Hospital sources revealed that On April 23 he has tested again the results also came in he was negative on May 5,9 and 10 they decided that he had now fully recovered and they decided to discharge him.

Dr Sophie Namasope the kabale regional refferal hospital director says that the patient is the first to be treated at the hospital saying the kenyan truck drive who previously tested positive for coronavirus have recovered and they decided to discharge him today Wednesday after testing negative.

Dr Namasope also said that all his contacts have all tested negative and also thanked the district taskforce helped them in the welfare of the patient being that he is kenyan he never ate local foods as the task force provided the special foods that he was feeding on.

Darious Nandinda the kabale RDC said that panafricanism being one of the four pillars of the NRM government they could not send him back to his country home as many people had wanted saying that they send him but due to the east African brotherhood and he good relationship between Uganda and Kenya they couldnot as they had to treat him til he got cured.

” When he was admitted some people begun calling me telling me that he should be taken back to his home country of kenya but we refused as Kenyans are our brothers “. Nandinda said.

Noir said that at first when he was brought in hospital He was scared as he was in a county that is not his but but when they way the health workers begun treating him he got settled as they were looking after him well .

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