Feud! Anti-COVID-19 District taskforce clashes over operations, members vow to boycott meetings in Kisoro

Kisoro RDC, Capt Mugisha Peter.

Kisoro – Feud between Kisoro political leaders and the RDC Captain Peter Mugisha has taken another twist as leaders in kisoro led by the LCV Abel Bizimana have today May 6 boycotted the district coronavirus task force meeting.

LCV Abel Bizimana’s camp has vowed not to attend and engage in any activity till the RDC changes his work etiquette

The leaders that include Abel Bizimana the LCV, Richard Ndyana the Mayor Kisoro municipality, Izidoro Tumusiime the district secretary for health boycotted the meeting in which they accuse the RDC Captain Peter Mugisha who is also the chairperson of the taskforce for conniving with the Chief Administrative Officer, Suleiman Kasozi and trimmed the district task force where all the political leaders that were on the task force were all chased.

Abel Bizimana alleged that they have all resolved to not to attend the meetings unless their set conditions are fulfilled like allowing the district speaker Amos Hakizimana ,the Kisoro NRM Vice chairperson Ramathan Ndikuyeze the representative of the ruling party,and expedito Byensi the district chairperson of health sectoral committee.

HE also revealed that he also wants the media to be allowed in the meetings given they are dealing with public funds with a need to do things in open

“We are not going into their meetings again till the CAO and RDC cannot dictate to us the leaders of kisoro the matters of the district they have to allow everyone in the meeting and be free to be criticised,” Bizimana said.

He revealed that at the start of the campaign he funded fuel for the vehicles that were doing patrols but after government funds were released the RDC began giving orders at first clashing with the DHO Dr Stephen Nsenbyiunva over the UGX165m from the ministry of health

He further cites that RDC began chasing away some members and the media from the meetings.

He also says that he has ordered the chief adiministrative officer to give out the accoutality of the funds that he has got as well they also want to know what they have got as donations what they have been used

“I have ordered the CAO to give me the accountability of the money we have been getting from the public as well the food aid even though some were giving which had conditions like taking to batwa and compassion but there those who gave without conditions like King Ceasor Mulenga , Eng Seruganda and others we have not seen them distribute them where is that if the accountability has issues we shall go to the IGG”. Bizimana said.

Bizimana says that the withdrew of security and people returning to normal ways is putting the people at risk if the virus gets into the district many people will die as now social distancing at burials has stopped as people now have returned to the usual way of crowding at burials as security no longer monitors after the RDC withdrew them Following the refusal of the DHO Dr Stephen Nsenbyiunva refusal to fund their activities

Efforts by our Reporter to reach the RDC turned futile with calls being unreceived.

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