Diamond Trust Bank equips staff with COVID-19 safety wear at Malaba, Busia Branches

DTB Staff Busia Branch in full Personal Protective Equipment

Busia – Diamond Trust Bank has proactively fully equipped their staff working at the Busia, Malaba and Kikubbo branches with full Personal Protective Equipment in addition to sanitizing, temperature checks and hand washing and social distancing.

The top bank’s move was in a bid to effectively serve their customers while prioritizing the health and safety of both their staff and clients,

Malaba and Busia are highrisk areas as observed with the rise of COVID-19 cases from truck drivers coming in from Kenya.

Most of these drivers and clearing agents access the banking halls posing a threat to those that may not be infected.

At the start of day before the branches are opened, staff from the Busia and Malaba branches have their temperatures checked, work stations are disinfected, and the staff are supposed to sanitize and wear their Personal Protective Equipment.

“In addition to hand sanitizing, disinfecting the bank, temperature checks, social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks for each client that accesses the banking hall, we have fully equipped our staff with Personal Protective Equipment to ensure we counter the risk they may be exposed to since they are in contact with quite a number of people especially truck drivers and clearing agents coming in from a high-risk country,” Mr. Ayesiga Bosco, branch manager of DTB Malaba.

While working together with the Ministry of Health officials, the banks at Malaba and Busia border points are constantly disinfected and when a client is checked at the entrance and found with a high temperature, they are straight away escorted to the responsible health workers so that they are effectively helped.

All customers accessing the banking halls are supposed to wear a face mask as well as practice social distancing.

The staff of both branches are aware of the need and urgency to protect themselves and thus it has become part and parcel of themselves to not only sanitize their hands but workspaces and phones as often as they can.

As much as the bank is doing all it can to protect its staff and clients, Mr. Okwir Moses the branch operations manager Busia also encourages his staff to take as much precaution as they can while interacting with clients.

Staff of DTB Malaba branch in full Personal Protective Equipment

He further added that he personally took the COVID-19 test to set an example for them such that they all test voluntarily at least every fortnight. He went on to say that some of his staff members were able to heed to his advice after seeing him take this test and all those that tested had negative results thankfully.

Furthermore, branches that are in rather busy places like Kikubbo are also fully equipped with sanitizers, thermometers, and PPE for the staff members as they adhere to the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Health and government of Uganda by practising social distancing and compulsory face mask-wearing.

Uganda, on Wednesday May 27, registered 28 new cases of the novel coronavirus raising the number of infections to 281.

In an official Tweet on Social Media, THe Ministry revealed that the 21 new cases are truck drivers who arrived via Elegu border.

Seven other cases were are contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers and were under institution quarantine at the time of test.

Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng also confirmed that 7 foreign drivers who tested Positive of the novel coronavirus were handed over to their respective nations.

Among the 7 foreign truck drivers were 4 Tanzanians, 1 Eritrean, 1 Congolese and 1 Burundian.

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