Kenyan truck driver tests positive, rising Uganda COVID-19 cases to 89

Trucks being sprayed at a border point of entry recently.

KAMPALA— The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new case of COVID-19 raising the number to 89 as the fight to curb the spread of the deadly virus in Uganda takes a toll.

Of the of  2,930 samples tested, 2,729 were taken from truck drivers tested while the 201 samples analysed were community returned negative for COVID-19.

The case is a Kenyan male truck driver, aged 39, who arrived via Malaba border post.

Ministry of health officials revealed that they are currently trying to locate him

Under the stewardship of Dr. Ruth Aceng, the Ministry disclosed that community case confirmed on Saturday, May 2 – from Rakai District – had been evacuated to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital and his family members are under quarantine.

Ministry of Health says both Kenyan and Burundian truck drivers who were also confirmed on Saturday have also returned to their respective countries.

Uganda relies on truckers to bring in essential goods from port cities in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania.

In his recent address, President Museveni highlighted the importance of moving goods to serve the market in Uganda labelling an attempt to block drivers ‘suicidal’

“I say it is suicidal because, if we stop cargo, how will our coffee (and cotton, tea, cotton, milk, cement from the factories and food) move?” President Museveni said.

“We need the cargo. We need the goods,” said Museveni in a press conference.

“But at the same time we don’t want the disease…So don’t touch the driver, and the driver should not touch you.”

President Yoweri Museveni who is expected to address the country on Monday, expressed concern that further restricting driver movements would harm Uganda’s economy.

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