Museveni clarifies COVID-19 measures with Private transport set to resume May 26 as Finalists return to school June 4

President Museveni stresses point recently (FILE PHOTO)

Kampala — President Museveni has, on Tuesday, May 19, clarified and relaxed on the measures leading up to the partial lifting of the lockdown

While addressing the nation, President Museveni spelt-out a few clarifications subsequent to some issues raised of his speech last night with new changes blossoming in that effect.

President Museveni clarified the fate of public and private transport affirmed they will be permitted to hit roads come May 26, thus moving up the distribution of masks by NYTIL

“You don’t have to wait for the government mask. You’ll have to follow the other guidelines given in relation to use of private cars, like three occupants at a time,” he said.

President Museveni revealed that shops selling general merchandise would now open from the May 26 – a week earlier than the previous timeline – with the food markets continuing to deal in only food.

“Market women who had stayed in the market for two months could now go home and back,’ he directed.

Public transport (buses, minibuses, taxis) would resume after proper preparations on June 4 but each will carry half of their loading capacity.

“For the border districts, we shall not allow public or the private transport, the reason is that you are on the frontline, you are the ones who can either save us or protect us because people can easily come from neighbouring countries, infiltrate our security systems and come to Kampala,” President Museveni sustained.

Finalists have been cleared to resume school as the Ministry of Health prepares an action plan for the students/Pupils. (FILE PHOTO)

Bars, night clubs, sauna, gyms, swimming pools, salons among others, shall remain closed with measures of observing social distance still unavailable.

”Nightclubs, saloons, saunas, gyms & swimming pools can’t maintain social distancing due to their mass concentrations. These categories are not allowed to open. Exercising at home is the only recommended option,” he said.

President Museveni disclosed that the education Ministry will have an action plan by June 4 for the undergraduate finalists, Postgraduate finalists, finalists in the tertiary institutions, candidates at P.7, S.4 and S6 levels.

“When it comes to the students who will have to come back and join the other finalists if they can walk to the schools we don’t have a problem. For the rest, the Ministry of Education will have to work out a plan.”

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