Security agencies refute torture allegations raised by Mityana MP Hon. Zaake

Joint Security Taskforce Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga and ailing Mityana Municipality MP Hon Francis Zaake. (Courtesy Photo)

Kampala – Security agencies have, on Friday, May 8, rubbished allegations of torture raised by the ailing Mityana Municipality MP Hon Francis Zaake.

In a statement issued by the Joint Security Taskforce Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, the agencies refuted the allegations of torture labelling them as ‘false and misleading’

Detained for flouting the directives and new protocols on food distribution amid COVID-19 pandemic, Hon. Zaake recounted an ordeal of his detention citing his violent arrest from his home, amidst acts of torture and beatings.

The ailing MP further disclosed that he was brutally detained in the police cells with 20 others including a female suspect, later removed and pepper-sprayed in the eyes, and bundled into a police pick and later transferred to CMI and thereafter to SID Kireka.

Hon Zaake recounted the alleged questioning about his political affiliation to Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi and torture for failing to denounce the opposition in support of government.

CP Fred Enanga dismissed the torture claims raised by the Mityana Municipality MP sustaining that there was no such thing labelling the allegation sophisticated propaganda aimed at negatively portraying security forces as brutal and further tarnish the image of Uganda as a country.

“Upon arrest, he was transported to Mityana where he was detained at 7.13 pm. He interacted freely with the other suspects, and there were no claims of torture. It was after he learnt about his transfer to SID Kireka that he actively began resisting the lawful orders from the officers,” CP Enanga clarifies

He added: “This led to a struggle while removing him from the cells, upon obtaining credible intelligence of plans by his supporters and relatives to hold violent protests at the police station the following morning, to forcefully cause his release from custody.”

The Police Spokesperson equally revealed that another scuffle ensued after Hon. Zaake violently resisted attempts to have him handcuffed to expedite his transportation in the cabin of the police car because of his violent and aggressive nature.

“He was finally taken into custody at SID Kireka at 00.11 am after a journey of approximately one hour and twenty minutes. It is not true that he was taken CMI,” CP Enanga sustains affirming that story (allegation) is a total concoction and the CCTV camera stamps from Bulenga to SID Kireka are clear.

The ailing MP was later admitted at the Iran Uganda Hospital for medical care and however declined to complete the police Form 24.

Enanga discloses that Found with superficial injuries on the forehead, earlobes, the chest area, hands and legs, by three competent medical personnel including his personal Doctor, Dr. Andrew Ssekitoleko, Hon. Zaake declined to take a further x-ray scan to establish the nature of injuries.

“He also rejected the joint team of medical Doctors from Mulago National Referral Hospital who were supposed to determine his health status.” CP Enanga revealed citing that Hon Francis Zaake had a history of violent conduct witnessed on a couple of occasions in Parliament and during the Arua fracas.

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