Facts so far about Emmanuel Tegu

  1. The LDUs are not deployed in Makerere so they should not be talked about. Students are out of campus right now. So which mob? Police, therefore, should explain.
  2. There is evidence of callous behaviour by police in handling serious matters like this. I have taken issue with leadership. Some officers have been arrested. It is wrong not to seem to care about life
  3. Security has now learnt that the first person to alert police was a centenary bank guard.
    A long that line of inquiry two suspects have been arrested. Three are still at large
  4. Security took the occasion to speak to some members of the family. They have told me a story about some interesting medical aspects of Tegu.

We are pursuing that line of inquiry also.

Red Pepper Intelligence believes at this particular time there are many loose ends in the case.

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