State Minister David Bahati Calls for Reconciliation after NRM Primaries

Hon. David Bahati, State Minister of Finance for Planning

Kabale – The State Minister of Finance for Planning, David Bahati, has called on NRM Party members in Kabale to reconcile after the Primaries.

Bahati, who is the NRM Party chairperson for Kabale district, garnered 90 percent in Ndorwa West polls, beating his closest rival, Simpson Mpirirwe.

During the press conference in Kabale town on Monday evening, Bahati called on those who lost the election to support NRM Party flag bearers.

“Now that we’ve chosen flag bearers, let us reunite as one family and strive to beat down the opposition. FDC, DP, People Power and other parties are coming for us but we must work hard to beat them down,” said Hon. Bahati.

“We were against each other but now let’s bury all that. Let’s see reconciliation after these elections. When in the field, you get the dust but because we are out of the field, it’s very important for the party to make a formidable force that will be difficult for the opposition to break down,”. Bahati added.

Bahati further called on those who lost not come-on the independent ticket, for the good of the party saying that as NRM they don’t support those who come as independents but However, the national electoral commission accepts independent candidates as he called upon call those who lost to support NRM flag bearers if they have the part at heart.

Bahati hailed the lining system of voting, saying those who lost the election were voted out in broad daylight when the public was watching.

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“We sent the message to the world that democracy exists in Uganda. I witnessed a man lining contrary to his wife’s choice. You would see him there, his wife and son on the opposite side.”

Bahati has been in parliament representing Ndorwa West constituency since 2006 to date.

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