Why NRM Recalled Jessica Alupo for Katakwi Woman MP Flag Bearer

Alupo Recieves President Museveni last year in Katakwi during a mass in remembrance of George William Apel, the latter’s father

Katakwi – Major. (Rtd) Alupo Jessica Rose Epel’s acts of humility, generosity and hard work have indelibly earned her a place in the hearts of the people of Katakwi District.

Details have emerged as to why the former education minister Alupo defeated three others including the incumbent Violet Akurut Adome for Katakwi District Woman MP NRM party flag bearer in the recent party polls.

Alupo has been fervidly doing President’s political mobilization not just in Katakwi but the larger Teso even when she was out of parliament unlike other elected leaders; she reportedly cares about everybody in the party a matter that won the hearts of Katakwi voters.

‘’Some leaders had resorted to Kampala and they only returned when the election period started. We are united as Katakwi people and we betray the future of our children again. We are voting back Alupo because she has been with us even when she was a member of parliament’’, said a Councilor from Ngariam.

Before and after the 2016 political loss, Alupo who has been at her country home in Ongomoja Sub County was sensitizing stakeholders on President Museveni‘s Wealth creation call to embrace government programs and improve household income.
President Museveni last year travelled to Katakwi Ongongoja Sub County to preside over the thanksgiving ceremony for Jessica Alupo’s late father.

The ex-Minister was remembering her father who in 2003 was blown dead by LRA-planted land mines as he was carrying instructional materials for his P.7 pupils who were preparing for PLE and had been displaced by the rebels.

‘’I attended mass in remembrance of George William Epel, a hero of our time who went over and beyond in his call of duty, paying with his life in the end. I am glad that his daughter, Hon Jessica Alupo, has kept her father’s legacy alive’’, the President tweeted.

Being a strong mobilizer with massive support from the catholic church, It is further alleged that the big man is ready to facilitate her grass-roots political activities not only in Katakwi but the whole of Teso because the top Catholic clerics at Soroti diocese are more comfortable embracing her than other opposition figures in the area who may add nothing to their region.

Stakeholders have been crying for Alupo calling to mind her achievements and efforts as a legislator representing the people of Katakwi district between 2006 and 2016 Alupo’s.
Alupo’s initiatives changed lives and this has been highlighted as to why she has been elected back following the suffering in her absentia from the outgoing parliament.
While in Parliament, Alupo provided over 5000 iron sheets and 2,846 bags of cement to all schools and institutions in Katakwi district to support PTA.

To promote education progress in the District, she awarded more than 100 best-performing students with scholarships in secondary schools, Tertiary institutions and Universities across the county and abroad.

The Ex-Education Minister rewarded all the best performing PLE leavers with mattresses across Katakwi district and lobbied donors from the United Kingdom to establish Toroma Peas high school, Japanese to establish a science laboratory in Ongongoja secondary school among others.

Still, in the field of education, she lobbied Turkish donors to drill boreholes in Katakwi district, Americans who established Akisim Primary school in Ngariam Sub-county and Odoom Primary school in Guyaguya sub-county.

She supported Women savings groups in all villages of Katakwi district with a financial contribution in all sub-counties of Katakwi district, youth income generating groups at parish level were empowered with items like fishing nets, hooks, Tarpaulins, moulds for brick molding, tomatoes and cabbage seeds.

Another reason she enjoys support from across the religious groups, Alupo supported the construction of places of worship in various sub-counties in Katakwi district and provided churches and Mosques with bibles and Qurans respectively.

She bought land for Katakwi widows association in Katakwi town council and equipped village councils with communal items like saucepans, plates and cups among others.

Other beneficiaries of Alupo’s tenure in the previous parliament are the teachers under Katakwi district teachers SACCO who were offered computers, photocopier and printers through their central office in the District.

She also provided over 20,000 hand hoes to a number of households across the district to promote agriculture and household income, offered computers to the youth of Katakwi district to open up internet cafe and empowered salon operators with shaving machines and driers among other groups.

‘’This is what we have been missing and as stakeholders in the District who believe in development and Unity, we decided to vote back Ms Alupo so that she can deliver us to the Promised Land’’, said an elder from one Magoro.

Voters also argue that they are looking forward to talking to other candidates in the District to step down for Alupo because they shouldn’t waste their resources yet they have already made their mind to unanimously return the former Education Minister to parliament.

Born in Oigo Imomwa Village, Aketa Parish, Ongongoja Sub-county, Usuk County, Katakwi District, Alupo, 46 holds an Honorary PhD in Science from Shenyang University- China, obtained in 2015. She also has a Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies from Makerere University, a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Management from Uganda Management Institute.

Other qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management from UMI, Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies (Makerere University).

She also trained in Military and holds a Certificate in Officer Cadet Course – (School of Infantry Jinja UPDF, 28/05/1999), Certificate in Counter Intelligence Course – (Katabi Barracks Entebbe UPDF, 28/01/2001) and Technical Surveillance Course – (Kololo UPDF).
According to information from Wikipedia, In 2001 Alupo entered politics as a candidate for the Katakwi District women’s representative.

She ran on the ticket of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political party. She won and was re-elected in 2006. In 2009, she was appointed as state minister for youth and children affairs. In 2011, she was re-elected to her parliamentary constituency. In the cabinet reshuffle of 27 May 2011, she was promoted to replace Namirembe Bitamazire as minister of education and sports.

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