Vince Musisi’s Akaboozi ku Boda makes debut on eebo World Despite Numerous Challenges in Filming show

Vince Musisi’s “Kaboozi Ku Boda” is the new kid on the eebo streets. Loosely-based off James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, it is a dynamic twist to how we are used to experiencing celebrity interviews some would call “Crazy”.

And the show’s creator, and host; Vince Musisi is no stranger to “Crazy”. He is a retired Sound Engineer, Music and Video producer, Travel extraordinaire and above all “The perfect man for the job!”. His humility coupled with the experience in the entertainment industry could not have found a better resting place.

But like any new production, it faced numerous setbacks making it a success story of ingenuity and determination.

Setback 1: Now that we have the perfect host, how many celebrities do we know crazy enough to sit on a passenger motorcycle – commonly referred to as “Boda Boda”.

The confusion in the eebo boardroom located on Yusuf Arcade, Kisasi was engrossing. How were we going to convince anyone to jump onto a Bodaboda with Mr Crazy himself Vince Musisi. We took a chance on calling Karole Kasita. She currently has the biggest song in East Africa called “Balance”; a Ugandan music juggernaut in her own right; and she picked interest the second she heard the concept. It turned out all the worrying had been pointless as every entertainer we called was ready for their episode shoot.

Setback 2: Covid-19

Like as if shooting a video on a moving Motorcycle isn’t hard enough, we had to ensure the safety of both the passenger and the host. Since the sound couldn’t be heard through masks, we consulted a few experts and were told that any sanitizer with 70% alcohol would be enough to keep everyone safe. You can only imagine how hectic it was keeping a team of 8 including Vince, Karole, sound and video production crew members well sanitized, but safety is key. And we were determined to create the unique interview experience.

Setback 3: Wind

So you have SOPs in place, a perfect host and guest… What could possibly go wrong. You guessed it right; Mother Nature had other plans for the day. Not the rain this time, but wind. It turns out you can’t be heard while moving on a Bodaboda even if it was moving at 10 kmph! It was back to the drawing board. Vince’s ingenuity was back at it again, he took one look at the Bodaboda and suggested adding a windshield. And worked it did like a charm, we were ready to film the first of its kind – “Akaboozi ku Boda”

Within only the first week of its release it shot straight to the top of eebo’s top sellers. Eebo is a global entertainment marketplace based in Uganda on which the show is exclusively being hosted. The eebo model is a simple one that has been tried and tested world-over. If you can sell content at an affordable price, the fans will slowly get used to paying a little for their own copies of original content straight from their phones.

In the week Akaboozi ku Boda was released, popular shows like: Beneath the Lies, Ombokolo TV had a tight grip on the top sales. 3 music videos had also just premiered exclusively to eebo: Romantic by Feffe Bussi, Stupid by Selecta Jeff and Fik Fameica, and Zex Bilangilangi collab with Monk E called La Changement (Kyusa). It staggered to gain viewership during the week until a massive spike over the weekend sending straight to eebos’s top seller.

Vince Musisi, the show’s host has plans for bigger ideas on the show and from what we’ve seen on the premiere episode, “This-Man-Is-Crazy”. Crazy good that is, at making masterpiece productions. Eebo is fully supportive of his ideas however to a limited budget. Anyone willing to work with the team behind the show in partnerships or sponsorships should reach Vince on [email protected]

The show has been given the green light for 5 more episodes exclusive to You can watch the first episode for just UGX 1,000/= on

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