OVERAGE! Ex-Crime Preventers Boss Blaise Kamugisha Knocked-out of Youth Elections on Age Anomaly

Former National Coordinator of Crime Preventers, Blaise Kamugisha

Kampala – Former Coordinator of the Crime Preventers, Blaise Kamugisha has suffered a major blow after being knocked out of the youth committee election on an age anomaly.

The Electoral Commission (EC) determined that Blaise Kamugisha was “overage” hence ineligible to stand for any position on the National Youth Committee.

Kamugisha, the former Crime Preventers’ association, was elected chairperson Rwencwera I Village and Kyera Parish Youth Council.

Kamugisha’s national identification number 63550217 shows his date of birth as January 6, 1990 – the same information on his passport issued on June 6, 2016.

According to a petitioner to the EC, Kamugisha participated in the NRM Primary elections in Isingiro District on October 2, 2020, for the Secretary of Finance elective office at district level, indicating his date of birth as January 6, 1990.

“This change was done after he had participated in all other levels of elections for this category,” said Chris Mufakinaye in a petition to EC dated November 4.

“Under Section 1 (g) of the National Youth Council Act, Cap 319, a youth means a person between the age of 18 and 30 years. Further under section 8 (9) of the said Act, any person holding an office in a youth council shall not vacate office on the sole reason that he or she has attained 30 years of age at any time during which his or term of office.”

EC Chairperson, Simon Byabakama said based on the information provided to the commission, they “found that Mr Kamugisha Blaise is overage for purposes of the National Youth Committee election.”

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