The Renaissance Of Sports Club Villa

Even the most Gigantic started as a few people’s ideas. This is the same case for Sports Club Villa; Uganda’s most successful football club.

Abridged story

Transforming from a village evening gathering of boys in the areas of Nakivubo to African Continental Club Championship Finalists and Uganda’s 16-time record league champions to the whims of extinction has been the story of Villa in its 45 years of existence.

Villa’s ardent and loyal fans have decided to rebuild the club to surpass its previous glor

1.What went wrong?

2.Ownership Challenge Solved
The founders have transferred ownership to the VILLA MEMBERS TRUST. Each SC Villa fan can choose to become a member

  1. 1 Vote for the Sports Club Villa President once every 4 (four) years
  2. 1 individual Season Ticket per season of full subscription
  3. Eligible to be part of the Sports Club Villa Congress and Executive
  4. Eligible to be elected as Sports Club Villa President

The VILLA MEMBERS TRUST is the entity that owns Sports Club Villa and all its assets

3.Governance Challenge solved

  • Club Secretariat
  • Club Congress
  • Club Executive
  • Club President

4.The Business Challenge solved.

5.The Sporting Challenge solved

6. What is the way forward?

7. Registration of Members-Please tell a friend._

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