Bunyoro To Reap Big from Oil – Finance Minister Kasaija

Kibaale – Uganda’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Matia Kasaija has assured the people of Bunyoro sub-region that the blossoming oil and gas exploration will present more opportunities.

While speaking to the press at Rujuni Primary School playgrounds in Kibaale, Minister Kasaija revealed that Bunyoro sub-region was economically sound with progressing being registered in trade, education and other sectors.

“Bunyoro sub-region operates in the real economy. It heavily depends on Agriculture and trade. We produce agricultural commodities (maize, beans, rice, cassava and coffee),” said Kasaija.

The Finance Minister disclosed that these commodities were transported and sold in other regions with a portion processed and exported.

He boasted of the good road network that has boosted trade with agro-businesses thriving as goods/produce reaches markets and value-addition Centres timely.

“Hitherto, it would take close to three days to move merchandise and produce from here (Kibaale)to Kampala business center. And now, we have good roads with one being able to get to Kampala, return and go back on the same day,” said Kasaija justifying infrastructural development in the region.

While addressing party chairman and delegates on livelihood status, Minister Kasaija, also Buyanja West MP, revealed that only 10% of his constituents on subsistence living.

“Mr. President as you have seen no one here lives in a grass thatched house. If it was not for the economic turbulences caused by COVID, your excellency, you would have seen multiple boda-boda cyclists,” said Kasaija citing that average each household had a motor-cycle.

Up to UGX229.31Bn has been released to the region to expedite infrastructural development in this financial year 2020/2021.

Bunyoro sub-region is comprised of Buliisa, Hoima, Kagadi, Kikuube, Kiryandongo, Kakumiro, Kibaale, and Masindi.

On the education, a total of 557,526 pupils are enrolled in over 2,318 primary schools. The government has since disbursed a total of UGX6.5Bn Universal Primary Education (UPE) capitalization grant to the Bunyoro region.

Furthermore, close to 89,037 students are enrolled in 295 secondary schools in Bunyoro with UGX3,917,342,500 approved for the Universal Secondary Education (USE) capitalization grant for the eight districts.

In reference to the government’s focus on improving household incomes, up to 1,002 projects have been supported with UGX8.799Bn under the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) thus benefitting 11,645 youths.

With a reputation of fighting women chauvinism, the Museveni administration has since released up to UGX 3.156 billion under the Women Fund benefitting 5,743 women.

On the road network, a total of UGX6.537Bn has been designated for upgrading, paving and construction of road for the financial year of 2020/2021.

Bunyoro is renowned for its rich oil and gas deposits that projected to propel the region to greater development with more opportunities created.

“The oil is there and we are going to benefit from it as a region and Uganda as a whole. However, let us focusing on reaping from the profits made with supplies (agriculture and services) to those developing the exploration,” said Kasaija.

NRM presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni speaks to party leaders drawing from Kibaale, Kakumiro and Kagadi at Rujuni Primary School Playgrounds, Karuguuza, Kibaale District on Friday, December 18, 2020.

Speaking to the delegates, Museveni emphasised enterprise household income improvement in Bunyoro, calling for sensitization of the masses to fight poverty.

“I urge you to be change agents in their communities while challenging your people to be enterprising in turning their assets into income-generating avenues for their households,” said Museveni.

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