CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Top NRM Boss Blows UGX30m on Prostitute For 10 Hour Bonking Marathon

One of the big officials working at the NRM Secretariat in Kampala was recently in Soroti as part of the President’s campaign entourage.

The big man was in the Eastern Uganda town for several days and vowed not to sexually starve having received his per diem and fieldwork facilitation of 10 days. Because he is entitled to Shs7.9m facilitation per day, the big boss was allocated Shs79m in cash which he moved inside his heavily guarded car boot.

On his first day in Soroti, the NRM big man went to one of the nice restaurants for lunch and while there he got the phone number of the manager promising to come back for evening tea and supper. He indeed kept in touch and returned and as he left to go to his hotel, the NRM boss privately spoke to the manager asking him to identify for him a very nice-looking babe to move away with to warm his nights.

Saying this is a game he is very much experienced in, the manager said that was very easy and informed him of the sweetest professional prostitute who had just relocated to Soroti from Kampala to come and target the cash-splashing NRM heavyweights who would be camping in the town to accompany the President.

“Don’t worry money is there. You won’t believe what I do for you once you get for me a very good one,” the NRM boss assured the restaurant manager who we suspect must have got commission from both the prostitute and client. The manager rang the babe who offered to meet the NRM big man for negotiations in the parking lot of one of the best hotels in Soroti. Provided that he would be alone in the car. She indeed showed up and the NRM big man told her “you don’t have to know who I’m but just know I’m here to have a very good time with you.” The babe told him he doesn’t have to explain much because she clearly understands the deal he was putting on table.

“By the way I know you sir because I always see you on TV debating on NBS with those opposition guys but don’t worry this is business and it will be confidential.” She told him those things happened and then asked him to name his price and for how long was he desiring her services.

“I’m here for as long as the President is here and I will all be yours but let’s see how the first day goes. You make me happy, I will give you a good deal for the entire period I will be here.” To raise her price, the prostitute informed the NRM Secretariat big man to be prepared to share her with another even richer NRM man who had booked her earlier. “In fact, that is why I’m here because for me I move on appointments. He gave me a program and he will be coughing Shs3m per night because my services are very professional and exclusive to high-paying clients.”

The NRM secretariat boss salivated and offered to give her Shs30m for 10 days claiming he was ready to stay for 10 days as long as she turned out sweet for him. That even after the President leaves Teso, he would keep around for more days to exhaustively enjoy her. Because he had used a lot of manhood enlargement and performance prolonging drugs, the NRM boss caused a lot of harm to her.

Claiming he had injured her tight Kandahar, the prostitute threatened to expose him on social media if he doesn’t let her go to seek medical treatment back in Kampala and rejoin him later. He showed him naked photos she had taken of him while in deep sleep since he had taken many Tusker Malt Lager bottles. “I know you can do anything and forcefully grab my phone but I already WhatsApped them to my other phone I left in Kampala and they are in safe custody. No matter what you do I’m going to expose you because you are the guys giving our government a bad image by wounding innocent girls’ upcountry because you have money.”

Fearing to be exposed on social media, the NRM man reluctantly let her go with the Shs30m advance he had given her off his Shs79m facilitation and she told him not to feel very bad because he had enjoyed her for close to 10 hours through the night. “In any case, I’m rejoining once I’m back from Kampala,” she assured him.

He said he wanted more and the babe said that was okay but she must go first back to Kampala to seek medical treatment because his relentless bonking marathons through the night before he finally fell asleep, had dislocated her uterus.

Naively, the NRM Secretariat boss relayed this experience to one of his fellow party bosses who has since shared the jazz with some few friends of his and that is how the info leaked to the snoops who had no option but to share the same with the public.


Last month, we reported how all NRM members accredited to be on the campaign trail with party flag bearer and also incumbent Yoweri Museveni were to endure 65 days of no sex neither testing alcohol. Should you be caught doing so, consequences are dire.

Those who have been affected include security officers (overt and covert), protocol team, members of the mobilization team especially those from the NRM secretariat and selected journalists.

There have been reports of misbehavior in previous campaign trails ranging from binge drinking to fights and sex orgies.

According to sources, all those on the campaign trail have designated places where they are supposed to sleep. No one is supposed to move out of the camp anyhow unless you risk a bullet from SFC commandos; no importation of male or female counterparts.

Sleeping is normally between 8-9pm for journalists, while the protocol team sometimes sleep at midnight because of their busy schedule. Roll calls are also conducted every morning.


The ban, sources say, was aimed at maintaining focus, discipline and safeguarding members from Covid-19. It is feared that alcoholism and sexual activity could fuel the spread of Covid-19.

All members on the campaign trail had to go under covid-19 testing and without a negative certificate issued you could not be allowed.

However, it seems this rule has been broken, a reason such stories are coming out. A part from Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba who has since tested positive for COVID, we have learnt that a number of NRM officials have tested positive since, while many cases may be asymptomatic and others have adamantly refused to isolate in the aim of keeping up with Museveni’s campaigns.

“There is a member of the secretariat who got positive results, returned to Kampala, and sat for a few days then went back without finishing the days of isolation,” the source added.


Meanwhile, a concerned party stalwart, Achile Twaibu, has asked the party chairman to reign on his staff at the secretariat and save the situation before it gets out of hand.

According to Achile, who is also NRM national vice-chairman Youth league Northern Uganda, some party honchos are busy making a killing from the campaigns with impunity and are not bothered about the task ahead—2021 victory. This is how he expresses his grievances in a letter sent to this Newspaper.

Read on: “Sir, I hope that this message finds you in a good health and mood to lead this country sir, I am the concerned national leader of the movement sir. The manner in which the secretariat has messed up this campaign needs your urgent attention to do some changes in order to secure victory for you as flag bearer of the party and win this election.

I am disappointed with the manner in which the party’s name is being dented by the secretariat as such the secretariat can’t handle this election conclusively to attain victory for you, sir. In a couple of few months the rate of funds disappearing is alarming; from SIG’s elections Shs17bn is gone, 18bn for digital acquisition of NRM register went and 50bn meant to pay delegates was reduced to only 100,000/=. The perpetrators have gone hiding under the pretence of Covid_19 to avert shame on them. Now with this, I think NRM secretariat lacks capacity and credibility to deliver victory for our flag bearer none other than Yoweri K T M7.

I think as national leader of the party in order to restore sanity in this campaign, THE OFFICE OF NATIONAL CHAIRMAN-KYAMBOGO should take over the activities of the campaign and run it vigorously within the remaining few time frames.

NRM secretariat has become awash and thrush in the few possible time frames, for us to secure victory, your excellency sir, no stone needs to be left unturned people have lost trust in the secretariat and our support is gradually declining because of such factors. I have boldly come up to voice out this because we are headed to crush and if nothing is done we should be ready to concede defeat.”

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