Married Women Cry Foul as Hookers Poach Their Husbands

Gulu – As the COVID-19 scourge continues to crack a whip on the nation, a section of individuals has used this window to engage in scrotal and copulatory “co-curricular’ activities.

In this rare incident, this website has learnt a section of married women is having sleepless nights with single women ranging on their spouses.

A woman, who preferred to be identified as Acio Rebecca, intimated to this website that her marriage hangs in balance after a slay-queen has managed to thieve the attention of her husband.

Acio discloses to the writer that the slay-queen in question was identified as Mildred Milly.

The mother of four, who runs business in Gulu town, revealed that she found Milly’s nudes and X-rated messages sent to her husband, only identified as Geoffrey Okwo, a serviceman in the forces. 

“I tasked my husband to clarify who Milly was and after several queries, he admitted to the sex-episode. However, she is still busy ‘squeezing’ money off my husband without shame,” a rather restless Acio intimated.

In one of the messages, the ratchet and naughty slay queen is seen promising Okwo some ‘ass’ in gratitude when he returns after sending UGX200,000.

“Milly was dating another married man until the wife had to beat the crap out of her, unfortunately, I am unable to take matter in my own hands in efforts to restore her to factory settings to find her own man,” Acio sternly intimated.

In one of the exhibits, the fille de joie is seen gesturing big boy Geoffrey to ‘breastfeed’ after exchanging a multitude of foulmouthed messages that position Milly as a man-eater in her prime.

After several questions, Acio reveals that the slay-queen hails from Acholi sub-region and operates in Kampala.

Another girl, only identified as Fioncy, a self-proclaimed online businesswoman dealing in lady handbags, surfaces in the mystery too.

In an exhibit, Okwo declines to ‘loan’ Fioncy a sum of money to acquire a new handset she claimed to have lost in a mugging by some unidentified goons.

Mildred and Fioncy join a long list of women plundering and destroying marriages to include Anena and Acen. 

Like Acio, many women opt to stay in marriages in efforts to reconstruct and mend broken bridges; an opening some men and man-eaters continue to exploit for their own benefit.

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