RELEASED: ‘Mother’s Only Boy’ Jerome Survives Xmas in Jail After spear-wielding ‘Taata Bella’ Drops Case

Kampala – Barely 72hours since the Ugandans woke to a viral video of a youthful man nabbed in another man’s marital, the complainant has lost interest in the case leading up to the release of mother’s only boy.

This Website learnt that a one, Jerome Mugyenyi, resident of Kasusu Fort Portal survived being stabbed with a spear after being nabbed ‘pants-down’ in the marital bed of Birungi Michael, 43, an accountant, resident of Kyera Cell Birere sub county in Isingiro district.

In the viral video, Mugyenzi was seen pleading with Birungi alias Taata Bella to spare his life – repeatedly denying having an affair with Birungi’s wife, a one, Musiimenta Irene, a teacher at Ntare school Mbarara, a top secondary school in Uganda.

‘Mother’s only boy’ Jerome finally released after surviving being stabbed with a spear in someone’s bed, complainant loses interest in the case.

On Sunday, case was lodged at Nyamitanga police station accusing Mugenyi for criminal trespass and theft of money worth UGX5 million plus land agreements papers.

This case sanctioned the arrest of Mugyenyi, Musiimenta, security guard and their shamba-boy who spent 2 days behind bars.

Birungi alleged that Jerome sleeps with his wife Musiimenta Irene, a teacher at Ntare school Mbarara but Jerome also claims that Irene is a cousin sister not his lover as alleged.

Redpepper Corps have since learnt that Musiimenta filed for divorce close to 6 months and was no longer living with Michael as husband and wife but were currently co-parenting to raise their children together.

Sources reveal that Birungi could have been stung by the purported divorce claims what rendered his reapproach unsolicited; working in the favour of the spear-surviving Mugenyi.

The allegations of theft of UGX5 million and land agreement papers were false as the land agreement papers were found in the house.

Rwizi region police spokesperson, ASP Samson Kasasira has confirmed that, after the involvement of both families on Tuesday Decembr 22, Birungi, the complainant lost interest in the case

The Police has since closed the case, releasing the four suspects walking home ahead of the Christmas Festive season,

Mother’s only Boy’ fiasco has since taken Ugandans by storm with many siding with Mugenyi and others claiming sleeping in an allegedly maritrimonial bed was dangerous.

“Jerome almost did not make it while away,” Kyomukama a tweep claim refering to a loss on an away soccer game.

“Jerome was currently the President Stingy Men Association Of Uganda (SMAU) who failed to take a lady to the lodge because its expensive and decided to take her to the man’s houses and he was caught chewing,” tweeted Talent_Ug citing the SMAU’s rise on the social scene.

Charles Rwomushana

The renown self-styled political analyst, Charles Rwomushana lashed out at Birungi, the complainant, for parading a naked man over a woman.

“You don’t do that to me and I let you live.  Even just doing this to a friend would trigger me into action. Parading a naked man over a woman was a very stupid move,” said Rwomushana.

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He added: “This man the so-called complainant simply deserves a painful death from a very terrible disease.”

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