LANDSLIDE: Opinion Poll Tips Oulanyah To Win Omoro

Omoro – As general elections draw closer, a wave of anticipation continues to sprout within the masses as a section of aspirants for political office enjoy the thrill.

An opinion poll carried out in the eight sub-counties of Omoro county in Omoro district has tipped current Member of Parliament and deputy speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah leading with 79 %.

This follows his winning of the usually competitive NRM primaries unopposed. Oulanyah is facing five other candidates among whom is Engineer Olal P’obong, an independent who polled 11%, and forum for democratic change Odonga Terence who came third at 7% among others.

Political observers say this has been a good political season for President Museveni’s blue-eyed cadre who in august last year came only second to Museveni with the highest number of votes in the nation-wide ruling party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections, where he defeated Sam Engola as National Vice Chairman for Northern Uganda scoring 100% in most of the districts.

Seeking for his fourth term as Omoro county Member of Parliament, Oulanyah has expressed interest in becoming the speaker of the 11th parliament.

“Oulanyah is a torch bearer for our region at national level, and it’s good to keep him there so that our children can be inspired,” said, a 62-year-old female resident of Acet town council.

The deputy speaker’s vigor and energy that have enabled him to galvanize support for the ruling NRM, have made him favourite among most politicians as someone capable of presiding over the next parliament as speaker.

“One of the reasons he managed to beat Engola was because of his charisma and ability to recruit many people especially young people into the NRM. Remember, we have the current wave by Bobi Wine but despite it, Oulanyah won his CEC ticket while focusing mainly on strengthening the party in the north through attracting new young members,” a youth leader told us.

Majority residents of Omoro praise Oulanyah’s politics of social services delivery with roads constructed, supplies in the health centers, monitoring of government programs and his mobilization skills.

“I urge youths to reject violence and chaos because the future is secure with President Museveni. Support him. Uganda needs him because he has delivered on every promise he has made,” Oulanyah said last November during a campaign rally in the north.

He added, “The difference in this election is between President Museveni who stands for the hope, progress, steady development and transformation of this country as opposed to other people who are calling for violence, chaos and destruction yet the Constitution is clear of how we change government.”

The ruling party is now heavily grounded in the north, partly due to his mobilization skills, analysts say.

It should be recalled that in the 2016 general elections, the Omoro parliamentary results raised eyebrows across the country when media houses announced the defeat of Oulanyah ahead of electoral commission official results, something that left a bitter taste in the mouth of supporters of the NRM’s strong man.

Our efforts to speak to Oulanyah were futile about this opinion poll as his press secretary said he was busy with the campaign for the president.

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