PATRIOTIC: How Hon.Anita Among, Capt.Mukula Tactfully Saved NRM From Opposition Wave

Those who lived ahead of the 2021 Uganda’s General Election will have to remember the political wave of the National Unity Platform and its pressure group of People Power.

However, just like Jimmy Dean an American country music singer said that ‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination’, Red pepper unveils how Hon.Anita Among the Member of Parliament, representing Bukedea District Women Constituency and Capt Mike Mukula the ruling NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region tactfully demobilized Opposition and secured NRM Victory in the Region.

It should be remembered that the electoral commission last Saturday declared President Yoweri Museveni winner of the 2021 general elections.

Starting with the NRM Flag Bearers for Members of Parliament ,out of 166 seats ,the ruling Party secured 120, FDC 10,NUP 2,DP 1, JEEMA 1 and Independents and most of them NRM Leaning 33.

According to Political Observers Mukula and Among’s tactical approach secured Museveni and the ruling party flag bearer’s Victory despite the alleged Opposition Political wave especially from NUP.

‘’Mukula and Hon.Among efforts are evident from the number of seats won by NRM for the Position of Member of Parliament even with the threat NUP posed it managed to desperately get two members from the region’’, said an observer.

Accompanying Museveni

Mukula and Among were running up and down as advance teams ahead of Museveni visits to various districts .In fact ,at some occasions Museveni would only make a few remarks after Mukula giving a lecture on NRM Ideology and Manifesto ,Patriotism ,securing Uganda’s future among other key factors.

On some occasions, Hon.Among would also meet the youth and women in clusters to observe the COVID-19 Guidelines before and after the President’s Visit.

‘’The duo also ensured that most of the projects were completed in time and commissioned by the President during his visit like Markets ,Industrial parks ,Factories and the Ferry at Namayingo’’, added an election expert.


The Bukedea unopposed Woman Member of Parliament  Anita Among alias maama Bukedea, will not be forgotten for having suspended most of her personal work to ensure that Museveni and other party flag bearers in various areas of Eastern Region Wins.

In Busoga, Among has been meeting party leaders and Youth groups especially in Busoga North Districts.

Hon.Among pitched camp at Buyende and Kamuli, all these areas were won by the NRM and the party leaning independents.

In Bukedea, Hon.Among who is unopposed for the Parliamentary seat where she is also the incumbent dedicated all her time for Museveni and the Party flag bearers.

For instance, Museveni girl ,Among as referred to by fellow politicians, offered free airtime for all NRM campaigns at her Radio Station based in Bukedea.

The legislator has also been using her achievements in the District to ask Voters Vote for Museveni .

It should be remembered that in the outgoing term, Among has injected Billions in Bukedea including establishing a Radio Station, Technical Schools ,improving Hospitals and supporting religious institutions.

Other achievements including supporting youth and women groups have also been used by Among as a genuine reason to vote back NRM at all levels.

Capt.Mukula Factor

Flight Captain Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice Chairman Eastern Region, needs no introduction in Uganda’s Politics especially when it comes to mobilization.

Mukula whose at the beginning Offered a Brand new Chopper Airbus AS350-B2 for Museveni’s Scientific Campaigns has traversed the whole region to ensure that Museveni returns to statehouse and also secure a win for the party flag bearers.

At one of the rallies in Jinja ,Museveni praised Mukula for his patriotic message to the party leaders , infact Mukula could lecture Party leaders ,invite the Speaker of Parliament when she was present who then invited the President.

The former legislator has been promoting the ideology of NRM and insisted on 4 principles that include Patriotism, Pan Africanism, Socio-economic transformation and Democracy, which he encouraged the NRM youth and leaders  to internalize and explain to the people.

‘’There is no doubt that with the much respect Mukula yields among NRM leaders and structures in Eastern ,they mobilized the ground too to ensure that the party wins in all positions’’, said another source.

Strategically, Mukula instituted a 200 youth sub-county team that has been secretly carrying out a door to door campaign for NRM.

This was revealed during a meeting in Kamuli at the Youth Resource center.

Given his expertise in Political lobbying and negotiations, Mukula also met key stakeholders including Religious and Culture leaders of various sub-regions, businessmen and also many opposition supporters defected to NRM.

‘’NRM has been championing Peace and security, Infrastructure, Youths and Women empowerment, Healthcare, Water & Sanitation, and Growth & Development. Other achievements include International & Regional Cooperation, Education, Transport and building the Economy’’, Mukula reminded voters at Muguluka Primary school in Jinja District a few days prior to the election.

Under his tenure as NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region, the area has always emerged the best in supporting NRM due to stern mobilization. This is not the first time Mukula is supporting Museveni with his personal resources .Even In the 2016 elections, the flamboyant Politician supported Museveni with a private helicopter for 120 days and also converted many people into the ruling NRM party.

Mukula ,a multilingual  Solid businessman with 6 aircrafts runs several milt-billion ventures and has for years told Ugandans that he is in politics to help transform Ugandan not enrich himself .

He runs a large LPG plant which manufactures cylinders for gas and it will be launched this year. Mukula also operates Uganda Aviation academy training pilots, engineers, cabin crew and other courses in Uganda and Kenya.  Other ventures include Forex bureaus, insurance company, radio stations, Arrow Security Company with over 1000 guards with most branches in the east among other things.

This background explains why the two Politicians trimmed the wings of NUP and FDC Politicians landing NRM a fruitful victory in the region.

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