How Socialite Katsha Rose From Grass To Grace

When it comes to owning posh cars, few people can match the level South Africa based socialite Shafiq Katumba popularly known as Katsha Debank has set.

The youthful fella came to prominence at around 2010, after he wowed masses in Kampala with his golden Lamborghini, which faded businessman Mike Ezra had only talked of bringing one day but he never did so.

Often referred to as ‘Uganda’s Floyd Mayweather’ because of his love for posh cars and parading dollars, the South Africa based Ugandan businessman has enjoyed his success in IT business.

His IT venture, Katshe Technology, began in 2007, after he had flown to South Africa in search for greener pastures but it has since taken off.
However Katsha revealed that he started life as a broke and highly indebted man. Being a high school dropout, he had no plans and no one believed he would make it in life. However, like they say, desperate situations call for desperate means. Desperate to succeed, Katsha changed tack and turned his focus to go for Kyeyo in South Africa around 2007, at 19 years of age.

Katsha’s Mum thought it was not the right move at that young age. But the aggressive teenager had dreams of starting a new life.

At one time misfortune befell his family when gold scammers defrauded his mom lots of money and later she lost her job at Heritage Oil and Gas. Since the mother could no longer support the family Katsha consulted his Uncle only identified as Yusuf, who by then was working in South Africa, if he could join him. On reaching South Africa, Katsha abandoned the idea of continuing with education and decided to work with his Uncle and a year later, his Uncle returned to Uganda. That period helped Katsha brave many challenges and he got stronger.

At 23 years old, Katsha was already in huge debts of about $100,000 but managed to struggle and later launched 9 businesses, including 4 branches of Colleges that collapsed one by one due to mismanagement.

Today Katsha mints millions from his IT company after all his other businesses failed.

The business man weathered the storm and has since gone on to own an IT Company called ‘Katsche Technology Group’, which employs more than 200 people. Katsha argues that perseverance enabled him to succeed because he never pursued University degree but currently most of his workers are Makerere University graduates. To him success is Just an art.

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