Kamuli Municipality MP Elect Kayanga Embarks on ‘Non-Violent Youth Project’

As the Country Continue to live in the 2021 post-election violence tension, Kayanga Baroda Watongola, the daughter of the deceased Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament Rehema Watongola who was successfully elected to replace her, is running a campaign against riots and political instability that had been a common act among youths in the previous polls.

Kayanga,27, who completed a Bachelor’s degree in Community-Based Rehabilitation and is awaiting graduation at Kyambogo University, was her mother’s political assistant and promised to follow the late’s legacy.

Speaking to Red pepper on Monday in Kamuli Municipality, Youthful Kayanga said Uganda is a country with one of the youngest populations in the world where youth unemployment, the lack of job opportunities, and insufficient education options in both the formal and informal sectors have left young people with little prospect of social advancement and easily lured to

‘’This project is aimed at transforming the mindset of our young brothers and sisters. We shall work with both state and non-state partners in the field of promoting non-violent conflict resolution. When there are wrangles, development comes to a standstill since many things are destroyed including innocent lives’’, Kayanga told Red pepper.

It should be recalled that on November 18 and 19, clashes between security forces and protesters demanding the release of then detained Former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, resulted in at least 54 deaths of Ugandans and the majority being young people.

‘’ Our mission is to integrate young people in Uganda into a culture of pursuing non-violent resolution of conflicts through activities like debating in schools, capacity-building and consultancy, non-violent conflict resolution, management training and education programmes, cross-cultural and cross-border youth co-operation and, exchanges, peace research and peacebuilding, music/theatre for peace and creative and
traditional psychosocial programmes’’, added Kayanga.

She said that the Non-Violence Project that will be launched officially this year will also spread not only in the Eastern region but all over the country with the aim of stopping youth participating in violence in the country.

It should be recalled that various stakeholders including Cultural and religious leaders have in the recent past played a key role in mobilizing Ugandans especially youths to desist from being violent but pursue legal means in case of any discontent.

In 2011, several deaths were registered in riots in Uganda’s capital following the arrest of the then opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

According to the Red Cross, two people died in the trouble and 120 others were taken to hospital with injuries.

The Internal Affairs Minister Kirunda Kivejinja then said 360 people had been arrested and those injured had mainly been hurt by “stones, sticks and bottles” and mostly young people.

Baroda believes that her ‘Non-Violent Youth Project’ will help young people understand the dangers of rioting and other forms of Violence both to their lives and families.

Hajji Badru Watongola, the father of the MP-elect, said he was ready to support her daughter with other stakeholders both within the government and civil society who have embraced the project.

Kayanga defeated Mastula Namatovu (National Resistance Movement), Moses Bigirwa (National Unity Platform) and Eng Godfrey Mugoya (Independent) in the Kamuli Municipality Parliamentary race.

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