Why NRM’s Hamson Obua was Re-elected Ajuri County MP

ALEBTONG– If you are till surprised about how and why National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s young Turk Denis Hamson Obua has maintained his Parliamentary bid since 2006, the substantial answer is in the bible verse of 1 Timothy 3:13;
‘For those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus’.

Outspoken Obua, who commands not only the Lango sub-region but the whole Northern Region politically , is the Minister of State for Sports, a
position he has been serving since 2019.

Given the dynamics in Africa’s politics in the 21th century many are still surprised how the man from Alebtong concurrently serves as the incumbent
Member of Parliament representing Ajuri County, Alebtong District, in the 10th Ugandan Parliament.

Despite a high attrition rate in Parliament, Obua, 40, is arguably the only MP in his age bracket who has managed to win four Consecutive Elections
from 2006, 2011, 2016 and the recent 2021.

A simple man with a simple profile, the sports minister is a deeply rooted personality both in Parliament and the Constituency one of the reasons he was rated by African leadership as the best debater in his first term while serving as Youth MP-Northern.

Stakeholders assert that Obua has worked towards establishing NRM Agenda/Pillars for Ajuri and Lango as a whole in terms of socioeconomic
empowerment, political equity and Ideological grounding.

Popularly known as ‘Atin -alwak’, Obua promotes generational re-engineering and structuring, Collective assessment of NRM milestones in the Region, Development packages, Think tank, organized hobby groups for the Youth, Women, Disabilities, Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Artisans

A diligent MP, Obua has been Mobilizing Consensus on Key Issues for a Better Lango Region including Infrastructure Development where Inter sub-region major and key roads connectivity were been worked on. A case in point is the clusters of roads connecting around Ajuri County.

Other achievements are in the Health sector where Obua’s support has supplemented the government arrangement to improve health of locals.

‘’He strives to see that health centers in Ajuri are fully functional and also provided scholarships for specialized medical training to avail the health units with specialized care and avoid unnecessary Referrals that would otherwise be dealt with at sub regional level’’, said a local leader from

On Youth Unemployment, Leadership and Empowerment, Obua has Created Youth skilling groups in villages of Ajuri County with support from his partners, in order for the Youth to be self-productive and increase Local Revenue.

He has also lobbied for Strategic Government Investment on projects that employs and strengthen young people in his constituency and Lango, encouraged youth involvement in leadership and mentor-ship in NRM, to enforce Unity,reconciliation and NRM Agenda among the young and the elders of the party.

‘’Obua has been carrying out Ideological Orientation of the Young Turks through his campaign structures to instil in the Youth the spirit National development and stewardship among other programs geared on development,
economic re-engineering, social cohesion mechanisms and  Employment
opportunities’’,revealed an elder from Abako.

Improving on the education facilities (schools) and standards in Ajuri in order to reduce the level of failures and ensure competitiveness with the
rest of the country has also been a major project and task by Hon. Obua.

Other projects include; Women empowerment, lobbying of Rural Electrification namely; Corner Omoro-Moro TV Project, Akura –Apala Project,
Corner Oloi-Amugu-Obangangoe Project, Awei-Ajuri Project, Agu-Apala Project and Aapala –Oloi Project that commenced in may.

To extend service delivery near to the people, Obua also for years lobbied and succeeded in creating administrative units like Adwir Sub-county,
Angetta sub-county and also maintained Omoro sub-county.

The new sub-counties took effect on 1st July 2018 and this created more jobs, opportunities for stakeholders due to more representation.

He was then elected a Parliamentary Commissioner thereby making history as
the Youngest Parliamentary Commissioner in the post Independence history of Uganda.

Later Obua served as Committee Chairperson of the Science and Technology Committee playing a fundamental role towards the establishment of the
Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry.

Born in Alebtong District on 6th February 1980, Obua attended Inomo Primary School, before transferring to Lango College, in Lira, where he completed both his O-Level and A-Level.

He has a Diploma in Law and a Certificate in Administrative Law, both obtained from the Law Development Centre.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Social Administration from Uganda Christian University, in Mukono. His Master of
Public Administration degree was awarded by Uganda Management Institute in

In Parliament, he also served as Spokesperson of NRM Parliamentary Caucus, Team Manager and Captain of Parliamentary Sports Team.

In Lango, Obua is a renowned NRM supporter, an advocate with a high
lobbying capacity who reportedly revived the pride of the people of not
only Alebtong but the whole Lango region.

As the Area MP, Obua has two functional Constituency offices, donated a car
named ‘Ajuri Community Services’, supported agricultural production by distributing Hand Hoes to all women in Ajuri County aged 18 years and above among many other Community Projects.

With this background, political observers argue that no one should get surprised where Obua wields support, his track record has been maintained for years and continues to command Lango.

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