Eloipharm’s Dr.Lutoti Formulation of ‘Elocof Syrup’ Attests Museveni Crave for Local Scientists

It’s a sun-drenched Wednesday; 26 year old Naikoba Stella a resident of Katogo in Kireka, Kira Municipality smiles as she welcomes us to their salon, testifying how Elocof herbal cough mixture syrup cured the family of five from persistent cough and flu.

She is not alone, testimonies from across the country on how Elocof, a medicine for cough, flu and sore throat Manufactured and distributed by Eloipharm Company Limited is saving lives from the respiratory illinesses that are also signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

Elocof Syrup

For many years, President Museveni has emphasized that his government is focused on developing Uganda using a science –led development strategy and empowering local scientists.

The President has on several occasions expressed the need to empower local scientists so that the country can be able to attain sustainable development.

In his speech recently, President Museveni said research into traditional medicine is particularly important in Africa because of its natural and rich endowed environment. Museveni clarified that in Africa, up to 80% of the population uses traditional medicine for primary healthcare.

“We want tangible results and our ordinary Ugandans have hope in our scientists to come up with solutions for different ailments such as cancer and many other diseases,” Museveni said.

Museveni further emphasized the role of science and research, which he said has helped developing countries to grow.

Some Ugandans argue that Dr.Lutoti’s formulation of Elocof Syrup is an indicator that Ugandan scientists are progressing and they want the government to support Eloipharm in exporting Elocof remedy to the neighboring countries since it has been proven effective locally.

John Magezi, a government teacher at Nsuube, in Jinja District also praises the producer of Elocof for rescuing the country amidst this Global health turmoil. Magezi claimed that Dr.Lutoti Stephen was blessed with Knowledge by God to secure Ugandans in this crisis and referred us to the bible verse of 1 John 4:14; ‘’And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world’’, reads the word of God.

Stocked by a number of pharmacies, drug shops and clinics across Uganda, Elocof was authorized by the National Drug Authority (NDA) to be advertised for public use following vast testimonies of effectiveness.

Dr.Lutoti Stephen is a Ugandan Senior Pharmacist and lecturer at Makerere University College of health sciences who formulated Elocof.

Dr Stephen Lutoti

A pharmacist with special interest in natural products research, academia, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, health systems research, regulatory affairs, health governance, policy analysis and justice , Dr.Lutoti’s Elocof is being craved for by the neighboring countries in the great lakes region that consider the remedy to be a preventive mixture for COVID-19, given its effectiveness in curing cough and Flu.

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