Nina Roz Broke my Heart- Fast Rising star Bob Narry

Bob Narry is a Recording Artist from Uganda, East Africa, Africa. He does Afro and RnB Music in English, Kiswahili, Luganda and Luo.

A few years in the music industry, he has recorded hit songs and collabos from different big named singers.

He has a hit song Monalisa with Spice Diana,Kibunoomu, and his latest Munjii that is currently trending.

We caught up with him and shared a few notes.

What first got you into music?

Doing Music Came Naturally. I loved doing music from the start as a childhood. Even in my high school, I was one of those kids that were on forefront when it comes to entertainment. So basically the love and passion got me into music. I remember I would sing in Sunday school.

Okay then, so did you study or you just went into music?

Yes I studied. After my high school, I did Information Technology at University. I have done so IT jobs some years but it wasn’t paying that well. It is challenging.

So you’re into music for money?

Right now I do it for money. There is a lot of money in music and we are not here to joke at all. We want to make a mark.

So what happens when music fails to pay well?

It will work out I believe. I am giving it my whole heart. I also run my NGO that does charity to less privileged people. Take an example we are building schools for some children upcountry. So with music, we are destined for greatness.

Is your family okay with you dumping your IT profession for Music?

My family has my back. They are all okay with what I am doing because it is selling.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I always make sure my Music has an African vibe in it. I create songs using our day-to-day life challenges. My music sends out messages that describe people’s challenges.

With no doubt your songs are receiving massive airplay, in your thinking, what contributed to this?

My strength is the storytelling, the choice of my song titles, and my lyrical content plus I always study the music Market before I release Music). I simply give out good music. Because I want my music to go global I must create good sounds. Also, I use very good brands to produce my songs.

What has been your breakthrough song so far?

It is Nakuhitagi Mupenzi. It is in Swahili. I did it with Nessim. There is also Somamu with Zulitums. It one of biggest songs in town. There is also Singa gwe with Nina Rose and many more.

Who writes your songs?

I write my music, and write for my fellow Artists too like Nina Rose before going to Daddy Andre. We injected much money into her. It is so rare for someone to write me a song.

What is your favorite song among them all?

My favorite song depends on my moods because my songs have different messages. But like I said above Somamu is a hit.

Most musicians do dreadlocks, you don’t why?

Good one. Right now I am running an NGO. I must be clean. Music is not about dreads. It is content.

What makes you think you have better music?

I read a lot of Novels. I read the bible a lot also. I get a lot of content from novels and bibles and play with the words in singing. That is why my music is so nice and different.

On a daily, what motivates you? Do you do drugs?

I don’t do drugs, my brother. I can wake up and write songs just like that. I only need the good right moods. A lot of musicians are doing drugs to get the vibe.

How do you see Ugandan music industry now?

The industry has grown. Things have changed a lot. From Studio to stage. We are competing with international musicians. Challenge is that Ugandans sing a lot of Luganda. This affects us when competing with international singers. You see Nigerians mix. They use English and it has taken them far.

For example I invested shs200m in music where I had projected with Nina Roze. Before our projects were completed, she left us blocked us on social media, WhatsApp, and all other channels.

We still needed her for us to complete the project but when she was signed under Daddy Andre she ditched us and frustrated all our efforts. We tried reaching her but failed.

We went ahead to release the music and she came out to threaten that the songs won’t be played anywhereany where in Uganda. It is all dirty. We had become like family. She really broke my heart. I used a lot of money to bring her on board and all that. We spent a lot of money.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

They should get ready to dance because that’s the direction of Music I am taking now.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The internet is the future, any artist not embracing it will soon expire. Me personally it has helped me to have control of my music, and it has opened more global opportunities for artists and the best is yet to come.

What has been your greatest challenge in the ug music industry?

Everyone in the entertainment business is competing for the Celebrity space and Most of the time for the wrong reasons. Also dishonesty in the industry and in the media. I also the cost of music production is high.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If the government respected art and implemented copyright and fair play in the game no one would be complaining.

What’s next for you?

More Music. Ugandans should expect more and more music.

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