PICTORIAL: SFC Officers Decorated, Urged to be exemplary

Entebbe – A total of 169  Officers of the Special Forces Command (SFC) have been decorated in a pipping ceremony held Wednesday, May 26 at the command headquarters in Entebbe.

The decorated officers are part of the 1,236 Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Officers that were recently promoted to various ranks by the President of Uganda and the Commander in Chief of the Uganda Armed Forces.

The  Officers were promoted to the ranks of Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, and captain.

The Pipping ceremony was presided over by the Commander SFC Lieutenant Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba who also doubles as the Senior Presidential Advisor On Special Operations.

Lt. Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba congratulated all the newly promoted Officers and wished them the best in their Military career.

He urged the officers to work and respect the chain of command as well as their superiors.

“My advice to you all is that the Military is not a job, it is a calling that requires constant work and at any one time you can be called to perform it. It is a vocation or a calling. It’s like People who join Priesthood, It consumes all your time so there is need to accept and appreciate it,” Lt. Gen. Muhoozi said.

He also urged the Officers to work for the welfare, and the good health of the men in uniform. He urged them to take a deeper look into all issues that pertain the soldiers well being.

He asked the officers to look back and reflect on where we came from, he said the journey was monumental but in the right direction.

Gen Kainerugaba also commended the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Yoweri Museveni for his usual close attention to all matters pertaining to the military (UPDF) including the logistics and personnel, he has an eye on all.

He also noted that we wouldnt have reached where we are now had it not been for the great leadership of His Excellency Gen. Museveni.

He thanked God for blessing the Officers in their career after undertaking many different trainings and appointments.

Brig. Vincent Senfuka who spoke on behalf of the newly promoted officers thanked Gen Muhoozi for bouncing back as the Commander SFC. He urged Officers to set good examples by demonstrating their potentials to their subordinates saying that ones’ good behaviour shall be reflected on their subordinates.

Among the colonels decorated is Col. Edith Nakalema, the head of Anti Corruption Statehouse.

On inauguration of the unit, President Museveni revealed it was formed to coordinate the anti-corruption activities with law enforcement agencies by acting as his eyes and ears in the fight.

Others pipped on the colourful ceremony were 10 Colonels, 13 Lt Colonels, 18 Majors, 62 Lieutenants, 61 Second (2nd) Lieutenants including 03 professionals.

The recent promotions were based on exemplary service rendered to the country, passing of promotion examinations, succesful completion of probation period in a rank. Also considered was specialist and professionals in the field of legal, medical and engineering.

The ceremony was attended among others by the Deputy Commander SFC, Brig Peter Candia, the Director Personnel and Administration, Brig. Felix Busizoori, Commanding officers, Commandants Senior and Junior Officers, family members of the promoted Officers.

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