DOMESTIC VIOLENCE :Man fails to get Money for Child Treatment, Beats Wife to Coma

The family of a woman, Whitney Nakato, has urged the Kalaki District Police to prosecute her husband, Daniel Epenyu, 23, for allegedly beating her to death after pestering him to raise money for treatment of their ten-month old baby.

Whitney Nakato in Hospital Fighting for Her Life

Epenyu, a resident of Kagikdaka village, Kalaki ward in Kalaki town council also went on to threaten that he will do it again once she regains consciousness before he was picked by police, says eye witnesses.

According to Paul Kalikwani, the Kalaki Resident District Commissioner (RDC) who rushed at the scene, a quarrel developed between the two after the man failed to raise money for transport and treatment of their child.

Angered by his wife’s demands, Epenyu pounced on her and beat the hell out of her until she fell into a state of coma.

ARRESTED; Daniel Apenyu after he was arrested

The woman is currently receiving treatment at Awutu Kalaki Health Center IV while police have indicated that they will arraign the husband before court.

According to an eye witness, Epenyu is in the habit of beating his wife, but no one is willing to report him to the police because he is feared in Kagikdaka Village, Kalaki Town council.

“This incident is a repeated occurrence in the neighborhood. Even the wife is afraid to run away from the marriage as she is afraid of what may be her fate. As I’m talking to you now, she is lying in a coma in Medical facility’’, said one of the neighbors.

In the same development, it was a double tragedy as a police truck which had gone to pick the suspect got into an accident leaving six officers seriously injured.

One of the officers who was involved in the accident while arresting Epenyu

Kalikwani said the victims were receiving treatment at Lwala Hospital in Kalaki District.

Lockdowns to contain the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic have resulted in a horrifying surge in gender-based violence (GBV). This surge in domestic violence also has a direct impact on women victims.

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