Educationists, Local Leaders Call for Vaccination of All Teachers before Schools Opening

LIRA – Local leaders and educationists in Northern Uganda have called on the government to vaccinate all teachers before institutions of learning are re-opened.

In a meeting with the Parliamentary Taskforce committee on Covid-19, Lira District leaders said there were many infections in schools that affected the communities when the learners were sent home when the second lockdown was enforced.

“We observed that when children came back from schools, that is when the elderly began to fall sick in the villages. Schools realised Covid-19 in their schools and they kept quiet,” Said Bosco Ogwang, a member of the Lira University Covid-19 task force.

Ogwang added that students should only go back after the vaccination of teachers countrywide.

Jonam County MP, Hon Emmanuel Ongiertho said that schools that do not declare Covid-19 cases are reprimanded by the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

The Ag. District Health Officer of Lira, Edmonton Acheka revealed that they registered 11 deaths out of the 365 positive cases in the district. After traversing Karamoja, Acholi, West Nile and Lango the Parliamentary Covid-19 Task Force observed that districts that have observed the standard operating procedures have low positivity rates.

However, MPs noted that task forces were very active in tracing contacts during the first wave, mobilized the communities and enforced SOPs unlike in the current wave where Covid-19 guidelines are flouted.

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