Gals love my ‘come to bed eyes’-Mbete

Fast rising singer IPrince Mbete has caught the attention of many female music fans because of his style of music and the way he uses his sexy eyes to sing. His songs have since then received massive air plays in Uganda. Despite Covid 19, Mbete is the boy of the moment. He shared his music journey with us.

First things first, that stage name IPrince Mbete, among all names why did you choose that? Are you a prince?

Lots of ladies say I have beautiful eyes and many call me the eye prince so I decided to replace it with Iprince and Mbete is a name that was given to me by my grandfather

Tell us how and where did your music journey start from?

My music journey started in Primary school. I was a rapper,actor , dancer and debater.

When was your first day in the studio recording your first song?

I grew up around a studio, my uncle owned one but we never given enough as kids, but my very first so I recorded in 2015

And how did it feel?

I was a bit nervous at first and could really sit on the beat.

And what was that hit song that made you break through?

I believe all my songs are hits and all have helped me break through. I believe all my songs are hits and all have helped me break through different walls. But the first song people loved is Divine love that I recorded with Nessim pan

When you heard the song played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived at your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?

Well the first song played on TV is Newunya. I haven’t yet arrived at my ultimate goal but I am thankful I am even where I am. And I am grateful to all those that play and request my music on air

Who can you attribute your music success to so far?

I attribute my music success to Divine Music Entertainment

Who has been financing your music career?

I have been supported by my uncle.

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

My music is of a variety of energy , style and also tackles a number of topics that are at times feared by other artists.

We all strive to be well off in life, what is your goal in this industry?

My goal is to be bigger than life

Do you use substances like drugs for inspiration?

No, I do not need drugs to cook up a murder song

What challenges have you faced today in the music industry?

Promoting music is always very hard and expensive. That’s the biggest challenge I face

You can’t separate musicians and girls, how do you handle them. You look young, handsome and ambitious, what is your take on UG women?

I love and understand Ugandan women. I do also respect there hustle

What qualities of a woman would sweep off you?

I like intelligent, self- made, beautiful women. Women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it.

Do you have plans of settling down and making a family?

Maybe sometime in the future I will have a family.

How has the internet impacted the music industry?

The internet has been very helpful. In fact without it, we would be nowhere.

In a few last words, how do you see the ug music industry in the next five years?

In the next five years iprince mbete will be the biggest artist in Africa and Ugandan music will be as big as kpop

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