Leaked Vurra MP UCE Results shock nation

MP Vurra, Yovan Adriko

ARUA – The leaked academic document of Yovan Adriko, the Vurra County Member of Parliament (MP) in Arua district has shocked the nation.

Adriko’s Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) paper leaked to the media following continued public outcry about his wanting education standard.

In the certificate, Adriko who sat his UCE examinations using index number U0292/047 at Anyavu secondary school in Vurra County nearly failed all the nine subjects he registered for in 2000.

During the November/December examinations, Adriko obtained F9 in English, Pass 8 in Christian Religious Education (CRE), Credit 6 in History, F9 in Geography, F9 in Mathematics, F9 in Principles and Practices of Agriculture, F9 in Physics, F9 in Biology and F9 in Commerce.

As a result, he managed to obtain the certificate because of History which saved him from being written off from the records of UNEB with Division IV.

Reports, however, indicate that Adriko presented the same paper to the Independent Electoral Commission (EC) for his nomination amidst questions of how he proceeded to another level of education after failing the O’Level.

At the time of his nomination, it took Adriko over four hours to be cleared; little did the voters know that the EC officials were concerned about his UCE paper.

“I am wondering how MP Adriko was nominated yet he failed his “O’ Level paper. Which “A’ Level school did he go to with this kind of result for EC to clear him for nomination?” a shocked local in Vurra County asked.

“We thought his academic record was clear, but if this is the case, then there is a problem with the Electoral Commission,” Adriko’s voter who asked not to be named said.

It is not yet clear whether Adriko went for “A” level but sources close to him intimated to us last night that the MP did an equivalent of “A” Level course in one of the little known institutions in Arua town.

Currently, Adriko boasts of having a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management from Kampala International University (KIU).

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