Why Anti-Govt Vlogger Lumbuye was Arrested in Turkey

ARRESTED: Vlogger Fred Lumbuye

Istanbul – Self-proclaimed political activist and vlogger, Fred Lumbuye, has been arrested in Turkey.

A source in Turkey intimated to this website that a blogger was arrested in Turkey. The blogger grabbed the attention of netizens for broadcasting his hard-hitting youtube videos targeting the government of Uganda and Buganda Kingdom officials.

Reports indicate that the Turkish police arrested Lumbuye on Tuesday, August 3.

Charges levelled against Lumbuye are yet to be disclosed. Associates and fans revealed that he is wanted in Uganda on hateful propaganda against President Museveni’s government and its activities.

Why Lumbuye was Arrested

Police authorities have since asserted that Mr Lumbuye evolved into a purveyor of fake news and malicious bogus claims.

In late June 2021, Social media was awash with reports that President Museveni had allegedly passed on after being
admitted to Aga Khan Hospital in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

At the helm of fake news of Museveni’s passing, the vlogger, in a July 2 YouTube video, claimed that the president had ordered his family to not publically disclose his death until after a year.

In the same video, the cantankerous Lumbuye asserted that political lynchpin and four-time presidential candidate, Col (Rtd) Kizza Besigye was among the delegation of folks that met the First Lady Janet K Museveni to plan life after Museveni.

“After the arrest of Peter Ssekyondwa from Luwero last week, security has picked more suspects to help in
investigations over the matter,” he said.

Adding: “We have been undertaking investigations and on Thursday, we arrested one of the suspects
(Ssekyondwa) who had authored a message extending what had been authored by people outside our
jurisdiction. He edited the message (from abroad) and started sharing it. The people who received it also
started sharing it.”

President Museveni has directed security forces ‘‘to locate very quickly’’ and arrest sources of fake news regarding his presumed death.

‘‘Apparently, social media has been saying that Museveni is dead. They (Security service) should locate very quickly- the one who tells such a story,’’ Mr Museveni said during another swearing-in ceremony of cabinet ministers at Kololo Independence grounds, Thursday, July 8.

‘‘The other day when I went to that side of Bombo to lay a foundation (for a project) people were looking at me with shock because social media reported that I was dead,’’ he said.

Government authorities have upheld that related wrongdoers (Lumbuye) “shall be apprehended and prosecuted for offending the Computer Misuse Act 2011, the Data Protection and Privacy Act and other Penal laws of Uganda

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