Businessman Loses Wife over unpaid Dowry

RUBANDA – A prominent businessman in Ruhija sub-county, Rubanda district is stranded with his five children, including a toddler, after failing to meet dowry demands.

Sabiti Laban, 29, was left in tears after Twikirize Prize, 29, whom they have been in marriage for 11 years was on Wednesday taken away by her parents for failure to pay a dowry worth Ugx 6M, leaving him stranded with their five children.

Sabiti Laban is a prominent businessman in Bishayu, Kitojo Ruhija Sub County in Rubanda District.

“My father-in-law visited me without informing me, and demanded his remaining dowries immediately or else he takes away his daughter. I requested him to be patient as I arrange for his remaining dowry in only three months, but he directed her to sit on a waiting Boda Boda” Sabiti Laban said.

According to him, his father-in-law directed her daughter to leave behind our last born who’s less than a year because she was married childless eleven years ago.

“When my father in law told her to board the motorcycle, she attempted to go with her baby, but the father reacted furiously saying she was married alone. Am now stuck with this baby who is breastfeeding yet her mother is away now” Sabiti lamented.

When our reporter contacted Kakona Geoffrey, the father-in-law to Laban, he accepted to have taken back her daughter until the son-in-law pays all dowry balances.“She’s my daughter and has produced children. Will he ever pay me my dowries before I act? Let him pay, that’s it. When I visited them demanding dowry they said they don’t have. When I demanded my transport to take me back, they also didn’t have.” Kakona said.

Twikirize is now at his father’s home in Kirima, Bushuura in Kanungu District. Sabiti has since reported a case of child desertion at Ruhija Police station under file number SD REF 05/18/08/2021.

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