I don’t use drugs for music-Snic Complar

Snic complar ugandana is a super born of Uganda that started way off as a bedroom artist. Having signed with Ugandana Management, he released his first dancehall single called concoco by producer Nessim.

You’re stage name Complar?? How did this come about?

Oh yes Snic Complar is my stage name but my real names are Mukuye Derrick. I got the snic name from way back in high school. I used to sneak from school to do my music. It became a habit and even the school administration got to know about it. With no time, the whole school got to know about it and the nick name Snic followed me up to today.

Tell us how and where did your music journey start from?

It all started all the way from my primary school. I joined church choir in primary six. At that moment I realized I could something close to music. Time and again, I learnt how to write the songs. I would even go to class with a lot of vibe. Everyone close to me loved the way I rhymed. This encouraged me to do more and more. Because of that I became famous and even a formed a small group called Easymen group.

When was your first day in studio recording your first song?

It was one of those greatest moments in my life. I remember when I held the microphone in my hands and started the rhymes, everything felt so good. And from that moment I knew I would never look behind.

And what was that hit song that made your break through?

The song is called Concoco. This song was welcomed by my fans globally. It played all along many radio and TV stations. It also encouraged me to go ahead and do more and more of that. Ziggy powers,Cool Kats music and many more.

When you heard the song played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived to your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?

Ofcourse like any other musician, the feeling was so great. But deep inside my heart I knew it was the beginning of real hustle. I knew I would need to keep this music up there. I am glad I have lived up to the words. My humble character wouldn’t even let fame take over me. I know where I want to be in life.

Who has been financing your music career?

Today I don’t have any manager funding me. I have music managers who distribute my music across all. Even in Uganda, I have managers helping me out. But with time, I know managers will come on board to put in some money and we get to mean real business. I call up on any genuine manager to come on and we work. We have real serious work.

Now, I work along with Ashim Verbal, he is a former Big Talent peron. We connect well.

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

Man! We are too good and different. Our music is generated from real life stories brother. We simply tell the life stories through music which makes my music so different.

We all strive to be well off in life, what is your goal in this industry?

I want also contribute on the growth of the music industry back in Uganda. When I create music, I know I will be touching on so many people. I want to use my voice to see a better music industry. We are the young singers now. The veterans are getting away soon. So we need to occupy the space.

What other songs have you recorded so far?

There is Namudigu hit. It is everywhere. The latest but in studio is Temunteegabumasu. The Album of Concoco has 8 songs. We shall keep releasing one by one.

Do you use substances like drugs for inspirations?

I don’t use any substance to get inspired. I only need to listen to one real life story and I am good to go.

What challenges have you faced today in the music industry?

There are so many challenges. Music is expensive. From promoting it to the last person. Then the people along the way that dupe us.

Youre music, what kind of message behind it usually?

Purely love. I preach love in most of my songs.

With no doubt, we have a big chunk of talented singers, how ready are you for the competition?

I am totally different brother! I do my music on my own pace. I don’t have any pressure. Of course one cant progress with no competition. Only if it is healthy.

Don’t you think venturing into music is waste of time?

Yes some times when things are not moving well. You get to feel it is just a waste of time but I encourage myself and pick myself up.

You can’t seperate musicians and girls, how do you handle them. You look young , handsome and ambitious, what is your take on UG women?

It all about my character. I handle them accordingly.

Do you have plans of settling down and make a family?

Yes. I have many plans. I left the country afew years back searching for good life. I am here gathering money. One time I will be ready to come back home and move my music.

How has internet impacted the music industry?

The internet is the way to go. Everything these days is on internet. And we have been able to move our music very fast.

In a few last words, how Do you see the ug music industry in the next five years?

Next five years the industry will be far. Away from Covid 19 issues, we shall be stable and better. We shall have so many singers internationally. My latest hit Namudigu is here;

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