Gender Minister Amongi Warns ‘Stingy men’ off Afghan Girls

Kampala – A section of Ugandans have expressed excitement for the set arrival of over 2,000 Afghan refugees in the nation.

The excitement of their arrival has gripped Ugandan netizens especially the women in anticipation of ‘relief’ from their other gender.

“My friend on behalf of the Ugandan handsome men, we are no longer interested in your gals since the Afghanistan gals have just landed in Uganda,” said Henry Kafumbe, a Ugandan tweep.

“If you ask me about #WCW, Afghan Women in Uganda,” a one Solomon Jere hops on the thread in agreement.

Gender Minister, Betty Amongi (FILE PHOTO)

However, this hype has gotten a cabinet minister going bare-knuckles on the excited netizen, Ugandans.

“I have seen our Ugandan men praying for the safe landing of Afghanistan refugees, and sharing various photos of ladies as below,” said Hon. Betty Amongi, Gender Minister.

“They are promising total support and cooperation with the government this time on this project! hope it is not Stingy men Association,” said Amongi hitting the last nail on the coffin.

This development comes after the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan subsequent to the withdrawal of foreign forces; prompting the United States Government to seek support to host the refugees.

Reports reaching this website confirm that 500 Afghans was expected to arrive on Tuesday but a delay was registered with both the United States and Uganda government still in engagement.

The deal was agreed upon following a request from the US government, a government official confirmed.

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