Mbarara Councillors Task City Mayor, MPs to Recuse themselves from Kamukuzi Property Probe

MBARARA: Lord Mayor Kachebezi and LCV Boss Didas Tabaro

Mbarara | RedPepper Digital – Mbarara City council has passed a resolution in a council meeting, to recuse Mayor Robert Kakyebezi and the City MPs from the committee handling the Kamukuzi property probe.

Councillors, led by the speaker Mbarara city boss, Bony Karutsya Tashobya, moved the motion that their people who were selected to a committee formed by Minister Rapheal Magyezi to handle the issue of Properties at Kamikuzi were instead fighting on who should take control of those properties. 

While speaking to Mbarara leaders at Igongo, Magyezi appointed Kashari North MP Bazir Bataringaya to lead the committee and come up with a resolution on who should take control of properties in question at Kamukuzi.

However, the leaders from Mbarara didn’t support the appointment of Bataringaya saying that they don’t trust him and they suspect the committee to come up with a decision that will not favour Mbarara.

In this regard, Mayor Kakyebezi was put on the same committee and three MPs of Mbarara City including MP Mwine Mpaka, MP Robert Rukari and Rita Bwahika.

In the Igongo meeting, Chairman of Mbarara District Didas Tabaro was put on the same committee and the other three MPs from Mbarara District who include Bazir Bataringaya, Nathan Itungo and Magret Rwebyambu to form a full committee to decide on the issue of property ownership. 

The gist of the motion took a new twist last week in Council meeting when Councilors ordered and resolved that Kakyebezi and their MPs step aside from that committee.

The councillors alleged that the committee was biased since the chairperson of the committee is a beneficiary and had his own interest over Kamukuzi properties.

That for them they rather want the President to intervene if Minister Magyezi has failed to solve this matter. In the same council meeting, Kakyebezi swallowed the task and obeyed his Councilors’ orders.

He publicly accepted that for him he goes with what his council decides if they don’t want to get involved with the committee formed by Minister he must step aside. 

Councillors insist that since the Ministry of Local government by Magyezi ordered that City headquarters will be instituted at Kamikuzi hill then those properties which have been used by the district must belong to Mbarara City.

Mbarara District is shifting to Bwizebwera where it will put the district headquarters, however, the district leaders are claiming that their properties at Kamukuzi which they have been using for revenue collection must remain under Mbarara district control.

Although Mbarara City council say that the properties are for the government and they were constructed mainly for administration offices not for commercial so the district has been illegally renting them for commercial.

Councillors also said that Mbarara City is also a local government like district so since the district is shifting then Mbarara will take over whatever it finds as long as those properties are in it’s jurisdiction.

The same Council also passed a resolution that comes 1st October 2021, Mbarara City Council will forcefully shift from its original white house and storm Kamukuzi offices as their new place of administration. They say that minister Magyezi made it clear when Mbarara has launched a city at Lake View Hotel when he said that Mbarara City will occupy Kamukuzi as the City Headquarters, therefore they feel it’s the right time to be at Kamukuzi.

However, Didas Tabaro warned Kakyebezi and his Council to never get attempted to storm Kamukuzi before ministry orders officially that the City council should now occupy Kamukuzi. 

He said that once Kakyebezi and his council Stroms Kamikuzi what they will face will never forget it.

“I think Kakyebezi doesn’t know the person he is joking with, you tell Kakyebezi and his council that they don’t understand the person called Tabaro whom they are going to find at Kamukuzi, let them come 1st October 2021 they find us and will face it hot.

They have passed a fake resolution in a fake council but they will regret it” said Tabaro Mbarara District chairman.

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