CFCF Foundation ED Calls For Helping Those in Need

Nvule Emmanuel The Executive Director of Creek for christ foundation serving food to the street children

Kampala – Nvule Emmanuel the executive director CFCF foundation encourages people to help those in need relying on the scripture of Luke 6:30.

Creek for christ foundation is a fully reg company with a certificate of incorporation reg. 80020002529493, it also started as a community-based organization (CBO) with a certificate of registration of wakiso district local government which later upgraded to an NGO with a reg. No İNDR153304294NB and a permit number.İNDPooo429NB.

İn response to a call with the Holy Spirit, Nvule Emmanuel founded CFCF and was later joined by a team of five, this team included Nangendo Eve, Nganda Lynah, Nyombi Jude, Nabbona Margret, Komugisha Joan.

CFCF aims at supporting and empowering all kinds of children regardless of their background and as well as creating a conducive and safe environment that will enable them to achieve their goals and live a purposeful life.

That being said, Creek for christ foundation aims at helping single mothers with small businesses, food, to help themselves hence making them sustain themselves.

The main objective of this call is to stand with vulnerable groups of people especially PWD’s, single mothers and child headed families.

Specific objectives: to spread the word of God through a door to door preaching, to enable vulnerable poor access to food and other necessities, to motivate many vulnerable people and allow them live a purposeful life.

İmpacts to the society during the covid 19 period.

We’ve fed communities during the pandemic with maize flour, sugar and soap, in places like; Natete, Busega, karamoja, Gulu.

We’ve promoted children’s talents through teaching them how to dance and sing. We’ve started a women saving project which has enabled women to grow economically stronger. We’ve educated some children through paying their tuition. We’ve provided street kids with clothes. We’ve impacted lives through preaching the word of God to different people.

Nvule Emmanuel the executive director of the foundation encourages others to help those in need relying on the scripture of Luke 6:30.

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