Pastor Bugingo Stings Ssenyonga for Not Paying Employees amid Son’s Lavish Wedding

Kampala – Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, a renowned lead pastor at House of Prayer Ministries International, has advised his colleague, Pastor Jackson Senyonga to carry the yoke of Christian Life.

Pastor Bugingo is at a hatchet with Pastor Jackson Senyonga for failure to imitate the norms of his Christian Life Church but rather following the unGodly lifestyle which according to Bugingo is only meant for misled flocks.

Online social platforms have been awash with contentious Pastor Senyonga making headlines for failure to pay salaries of his employees for 3 months but instead opted to organize a lavish wedding function for his son, Joshua Senyonga.

Pastor Bugingo during a church sermon attacked Senyonga advising him to repent and be born again instead of rushing into lavish lifestyles yet his servants are still hungry.

“Why are those that were graced can’t grace others? You employ workers for 3months to a year without paying them yet you are the same person who wants them to look good and presentable on your TV and radio,” Bugingo partially wondered at Senyonga’s leadership discipline.

Pastor Ssenyonga’s son

The Kikoni-based pastor argued that it is not ideal that an employee makes it a year without receiving salary yet their boss is busy organizing family ceremonies.

“I’m still wondering why those that swore to live a Christian life are instead living a devilish life; you are popularly known as a thief, you jubilate when people die yet you are the one who is supposed to die. Our God is a God of many chances, the more you misuse them, the more you become a loser,” Bugingo said.

Its notably alleged that Pastor Senyonga was dismayed for extortion and defrauding over 2000 fellow pastors purporting to construct for them permanent churches.

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