The Maid: I knew He Saw ‘Brighter Future’ Behind Me

“Grace…I got you from village to come to eat my food, sleep with no work at all in this house..eeh…wake up you lazy idiot!” Monica barked at my ears.

Now Monica was my boss lady,she had employed me as a maid. A friend to my mum ~Christine ~ had recommended me to Monica to take me as her house help after I did my KCPE, now that I could not continue with my secondary school education due to lack of fees.

My mum was a single mother and she had three other kids to take care of. I was happy too because I also felt that once I start earning i will help mum raise the rest of my siblings. It was already 5:30am , whereas I was supposed to wake at 5:00 am and prepare her children for school. I had overworked the previous night and that made me tired that if she never woke me up I could have woken up at 7:00 am that morning.

Sorry, Ma’am!I said politely, I work up quickly headed to the kitchen,I prepared the break tea..prepared mkate with the butter.. Monica had prepared the children and they were at the dining waiting for breakfast.. I served them.

Your tea is always sweet auntie…Sharon said to me smiling while sipping for a second time.”Thanks, Sharon …now take your breakfast the school bus is about to arrive” I said to her as turned around to go back to the kitchen for my usual morning duties.

Sharon was the last born to the family and she was my favourite as she loved me so much.
Now Monica had three children Jade 14, Favour 10 and Sharon 6.

Monica was very harsh, unfriendly, strict and a very stubborn woman. Not even a single day she responded to my questions in a polite manner she was always rude, But she was a beautiful woman..she was about 5″ feet tall with a natural beautiful long hair , chocolate complexion,had an admirable chest I could the size of her breasts was medium and she had this curvy figure like that of coke bottle.

Monica used to work in a popular TV channel where she held a morning show about healthy lifestyle.
“Make sure you clean Sharon bedsheets and spread the new bed shits her father brought him last week..and you better work hard next time I wake you up in the morning be ready to return in the village”…Monica said as she was leaving to work..

” Am sorry ma’am I said to her politely… I could tell she was serious about that from the look of her eyes and the last thing I would wish is to go back to the village where poverty was staring at us.

Now take that briefcase and put it in my car” yes ma’am… I took the briefcase to her car..she drove a BMW.

Good day, ma’am I said to her..while turning around to go back to the house.. Grace ..”Monica Called me..”I can see my food is doing magic in your body” Monica said trying to fake a smile..then she got in the car..I stood there staring at her as she drove off..not really understanding what she meant.

I went back to the house and started doing normal cleaning duties.I cleaned the utensils we used for breakfast, then went to clean and organise the sitting room while..singing a song in the hymn..” this is my story.. this is my song” I used to love this song since while in school that I would sing the whole song..without missing a single lyric .

Monica had a beautiful house and I loved its interior it had such fantastic decor and was committed to always keep neat and clean.

“Bravo bravo.”.someone from behind disrupted me while clapping.. I turned around to see who it was baba jade, Monica’s husband ~His name was Stanley….!

I could tell he had spent some time staring at my behind..while I was busy mopping under the sofa.

To be continued in Episode 2 … Stay Tuned!

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