Traders Lose Property as Fire Torches Wood workshop in Kabale

The Ruins of the carpentry workshop that was gutted with fire

Kampala – Fire on Wednesday morning gutted a wood workshop along Kazooba road leading to the loss of million shillings in the machinery and timber.

The fire that begun at around 4.30 am whose cause has not yet been established, reportedly started in the wee hours, destroying timber and furniture shops located along Kazooba road commonly known as “mundeba” in Bugongi road cell, Lower Bugongi in the northern division Kabale municipality

Fire and gutted two timber stores and carpentry workshop belonging to Margaret Kagaaza where timber and Four carpentry machines, power saws, woodworks and timber among others worth ugx 75m, were destroyed

Margret Kagaza one of the owners of the burnt shops says that she has lost a lot in the fire as she is now appealing to the government to come to her rescue and give her some financial support because they have lost everything she had as she is to now have to start from scratch.

“I have lost a lot of money; I only need God’s mercy that was the only business I had I need help,” said Kagaaza.

Denis Nuwagira one of the workers in Kagaaza’s workshop says that they suspect that street kids are commonly known as ‘maibobo’ might have light nearby as they usually sleep in the area at the time they light the fire and that they have always been breaking into the workshops to sleep there.

Nuwagira applauds the police for coming in time they were called they came immediately and managed to put off the fire before it could cause more damage to the neighbouring buildings including Highland hotel.

Elly Maate the Kigezi Regional police spokesperson says that Police officers from the fire brigade led by DPC ASP Byansi Muhammad with the help of traders and residents managed to stop the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings through most of the furniture shops and timber have been ravaged.

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“Fire was put off by the fire brigade before it spread to the neighbouring structures and the machinery workshop belonged to one Kaganza Margret a renowned business lady dealing in timber No loss of life and primary cause of the fire was not yet established the cause of the fire has kicked off and a report will be issued upon completion,” said Maate.

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